12 Days of Vintage Christmas | Flying Silverware Anyone?

On the second day of Christmas

Let’s face it, when we’re in love we all dream about flying silverware. Apparently enough for a table of twelve, oh and preferably in the new white orchid design because that’s what Mrs Jones down the road has.

No wonder she looks like she’s about to cry.


Don’t get me wrong, cutlery is great. Especially pretty cutlery. But if it’s a gift from my lover it better be singing ‘Be My Guest’ and dancing with a sexy feather duster.

I’ll take one of the retro mint coloured benchtop mixers though. Those are rad.
What’s your homewares unicorn? (if you say a glittery aqua benchtop mixer we’re gonna be BFF’s ).

Festively yours,


Hey! If this isn’t enough festive cheer for you, there’s a link to all twelve days on this post.






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