12 Days of Vintage Christmas |Pepsi vs Coca Cola


On the fifth day of Christmas

We have the battle of the ages, a tale old as time … Pepsi vs Coca Cola.

In the first image we have a woman who knows her hat is amazing and is determined to be the most light hearted Liz Taylor look alike at the office Christmas Bash.( Even if Nigel in the background doesn’t understand that it’s Fashun Dahling).

She’s also working that fur collared suit like a boss.

christmas-5The Second image doesn’t even need words. We know it’s for Coke. Just like we know the sassy red head is about to tell orange George Clooney that she may be four rum & Coke’s in, but this dress is far too fabulous to be on anyone’s bedroom floor.

Henry in the background is looking on all smug, because he knows this is gonna be good.


Who won the carbonated beverage vote, Pepsi or Coca Cola? Let me know in the comments! (My vote goes to Coke, because that illustration is just so gorgeous).


With style and sass,


Hey! If this wasn’t enough festive cheer for you there’s a link to all twelve days on this post.






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