12 Days of Vintage Christmas | Festive Sheer?

Introducing *drumroll please*

12 days of Vintage Christmas!

In the form of my favourite ridiculous print ads from the 1950’s and 60’s , one every day from now til Christmas day.

Because nothing makes me feel festive like cheesily marketed Christmas beer and knowing my husband will never gift me a vacuum cleaner.
So without further ado …

On the first day of Christmas

Be his Christmas star! In sheer lingerie and silky siren gowns, because this Christmas he’s giving you the gift  he wants to unwrap later. ( also because it’s day one and you gotta werk it before those mince pies hit your thighs ).


Seriously though, I would actually love anything from a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogue. That gold dress is bangin’.

With style and sass,

                   Velvet DeCollete

Hey! If this isn’t enough festive cheer for you, there’s a link to all twelve days on this post.







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