Aethercon 2013 | The Pretty Persuader Costume

So Aethercon 2013 was last weekend! Such a busy weekend with so many amazing costumes to see and people to meet. A lot of you stopped by our stand to say hi which was fantastic!

James and I debuted the full “Pretty Persuader” costume which went down a treat (we won first prize in the fashion contest!), but I can tell you, that sucker gets heavy after a while!

Here’s some of my favourite shots of the completed costume…
(These photos by Directive Photography and Darkroom Photography, they rock!)

883902_608784995816349_808614063_o 891655_608785045816344_921128956_o 893214_608782065816642_1795707816_o 903255_608784139149768_1655686078_o 903737_608785245816324_1893877645_o 903794_608785399149642_920866829_o 8

You can see a whole album of  this costume here, or see about a million photos from the Auckland Aethercon event here. I’ll be posting more of my personal favourites from the day soon!

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