I'm answering all your questions about my breast augmentation experience.

My Breast Augmentation Journey

Can we talk about boob jobs?


On June 2nd 2015 I had a breast augmentation . This was a very personal decision and one I’m open and honest about. Talking about our bodies and choices is vital to fostering a healthy mindset toward ourselves, our bodies and our sexuality.

So here we are, two years later and talking about boobs. This post will be long because I’m attempting to answer all the questions I’ve been asked about my breast augmentation and my implants!

*Warning: If boobs or talking about surgical procedures makes you squeamish, maybe don’t read this on your lunchbreak*

Why did You Get a Boob Job?

This is the most common question I get asked and it’s a multi-part answer. There was no one thing that motivated my decision.

When I was a kid chronic asthma made me very sick. Years of chest infections, pneumonia and breathing difficulties resulted in my ribcage being sucked in at the top, causing my lower ribs to stick out much further than the top ones. I also have pectus excavatum, where your breastbone is sunken into your chest.  Basically bottom of my ribcage protruded further than my bust.

Then I lost weight. Going on the pill at sixteen provided me with a happy D cup bust. Losing my ‘puppy fat’ took that down to a C cup, before exercise to improve my fitness left me wearing an A-cup. While I hoped gaining weight would bring back my boobs, it didn’t. Before my surgery I was carrying more weight than I ever had, but none of it went back on my bust.

With my boobs AWOL and my ribcage issues more apparent than ever I became extremely self conscious about my silhouette. In profile my deformed ribcage and small bust formed a flattish ‘W’ shape with my ribs sticking out past my boobs. I hated it. I felt unbalanced, like my top half didn’t match my hips. I couldn’t wear low cut tops, and could only wear half my work uniform blouses. Without boobs to fill them up the shirts were so loose that you could see straight down the front to my bellybutton if I lent forward!

I'm answering all your questions about my breast augmentation experience. Pre surgery a cup boobsSorry for the crappy photo quality, I didn’t think I’d be sharing them.

I wore push up bras almost every day. My proportions bugged me aesthetically. I felt like I’d lost my femininity.

After a years of worrying about my shrinking bust and slowly losing my confidence I desperately wanted a breast augmentation. But how could I justify the cost on something I saw as vanity. My husband said the words that changed my mindset;

“You’re not spending money on boobs. You’re investing in your own self esteem”

And that’s exactly why I did it. I wanted my confidence back. I wanted to feel womanly, feminine and sexy. I wanted to get dressed without padding my bra and obsessing over my silhouette. And ya know what? I’m happy I did.


Where Did You Get It Done? 

Finding the right surgeon was my top priority. More important than price. More important than convenience.

After extensive web searching and calling around different surgeons, I decided to go with Dr Charles Davis here in New Zealand. Charles is a specialist craniofacial surgeon who works with young adults and children, as well as performing breast, body and face surgeries. I found his calm, quiet manner reassuring and he was incredibly honest. After seeing his work I knew I was in the right hands – anyone who can reconstruct a child’s face must find breast augmentations a walk in the park!

Dr Charles works out of his private clinic in Boulcott, Lower Hutt and performed my surgery at Boulcott Private Hospital and Specialist Centre. Living in Auckland at the time, my husband and I flew to Wellington and stayed at a motel in Boulcott for a week.
Just in case you’re interested, the food at Boulcott Specialist Centre is tasty as. They gave me cheesecake. Oh, and the staff are absolutely lovely.

How Much Did it Cost?

My breast augmentation in 2015 cost $9860 plus my travel and accommodation costs. I flew down for a preliminary consultation about four months beforehand as well.


What Steps Lead To Your Surgery?

  1. Started researching surgery options and reading tons of blogs and breast augmentation forums
  2. Contacted surgeons and clinics for information packs
  3. Chose Dr Charles Davis and flew to Wellington for a consultation
  4. Dwelled on my options before booking my surgery date for four months later
  5. Flew back to Wellington for a final consultation the day before my surgery. Trialed my chosen implants in a sports bra for the night.
  6. Checked in to Boulcott private clinic bright and early for my surgery!

The surgeons markings on my skin pre-op. I'm sharing my breast augmentation journey and answering all your boob job questions.


What Kind of Surgery Did You Have?

My breast augmentation decisions were dictated by the small amount of breast tissue we had to work with. Basically I didn’t have enough boob fat to cover an implant!

I had a submuscular breast augmentation. My breast implants are placed underneath my pectoral ( chest ) muscles. My chest muscle helps disguise the implant edge and create a more natural looking slope from my chest to the implant. Dr Davis cut my pectoral muscles down the center, separating them from my chest, placing my implants under the chest muscle wall. The surgery was performed through incisions under my breasts.

On Dr Davis’s recommendation I chose silicon gel implants. These breast implants feel kind of like those gel wrist supports you find on mousepads. They can’t leak and if small bits break off ( in an extreme car crash for example ) my body would absorb them.

To give you an idea of how tough the implants are, my husband jumped on one of the sample implants and it just bounced back!


How Big Are Your Implants?

I have high profile, round 390cc silicon gel implants. I chose high profile implants to counteract the slant of my ribcage. ( High Profile means they stick out further rather than having a wider diameter. ) You’ll notice these implants have a textured surface to help prevent capsular contraction.

I answer all your questions about my breast augmentation surgery, why I had it, and what the boob job experience was like. This is what My gel breast implants look like.


Did it Hurt?


Surgery hurts. ( No surprises there right? )

Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. My is tolerance is pretty high so my surgery pain was different to that of people I’ve spoken to. My breast augmentation hurt less than my elbow or knee surgeries, but it still fucking hurt.

Let me break it down for you…

Day One | Wake up after surgery: Oh this is fine, this doesn’t hurt at all. It just feels really tight. I’ma do some colouring in…
Cue crying and thinking I might die.
Enter a lovely nurse with some painkillers.

Day Two | Okay this isn’t so bad. My skin is stinging like I have extreme sunburn and it feels very stretched ( because it is).
There’s a continuous dull throbbing ache like I went too hard on bench press and flies yesterday. Random sharp stabby pains.
Two Panadol and I’m under control, but sleeping is really hard.

Day Three | Dull ache and sunburn prickles are sticking around. My tummy hurts because I’m so bloated I look pregnant. No painkillers required.
Turns out those quick stabby pains are commonly called ‘ zingers’. The swelling on my sternum is very tender.

Day Four | Caught the bus to Wellington for shopping. Still feel like I went waaay to hard on chest day.
Can lift my arms again. Actually did a bit of dancing after dinner.

Skip to Day Seven| Had my checkup today and the bandages removed. The incision scars are very tender, but there’s almost no bruising!                  Sunburny feeling is fading. Dull ache comes and goes. I’m a side sleeper so my lower back is killing me from trying to get comfy on my back.

Ongoing | Aching for a couple of weeks. Random sharp pains common for a few months. Two years later I’m still getting occasional zingers as nerves                       continue to heal.


Lying in bed at Boulcott Clinic the morning after my boob job.

One day post breast augmentation surgery. 390CC high profile.


What Was Your Recovery Like?

I’m extremely lucky to have recovered from my medical and cosmetic surgeries easily. Some of my friends had high pain and vomiting after their breast augmentations but I didn’t have any of that!

I was mobile and had full range of motion in my arms and shoulders a day or two after surgery. My scars were tender and raised for a few months but have settled down well. I wore a mix of K-Mart, Cotton On and one expensive Triumph wire free sports bras for the first three months. The hardest thing is getting them over your head and torpedo boobies!

My scars are little white lines now. Dr Davis gave me medical silicon strips to help them heal flat and smooth. The silicon gel strips stick over the scars and it helps the tissue to stay soft and flexible. They hide under the crease of my boob most of the time, so I’ve lifted them up to show you what they look like here.

I'm answering all your questions about my breast augmentation experience. Breast augmentation under breast scars two years after surgery


Were There Any Downsides?

Yeah there were.

Lifting weights feels super weird and kinda creepy now. The implants kind of shift and slide out to the sides when my chest muscles contract. But I’m adjusting to it.

I also lost nipple sensitivity. This seems to be a pretty common side effect, and I knew it might happen. After the surgery my nipples were painfully sensitive, due to being stretched and the obvious nerve damage that comes with surgery. For a few months they switched between over-sensitive and under sensitive, and they definitely have less feeling now.

For the first few months one of my implants settled or ‘dropped’ way faster than the other so I had wonky boobs! This is expected and they even up while they heal. You can see how uneven they look in this photo.

One week post op. Velvet Decollete shares her breast augmentation experience and answers all your boob job questions.


What Do Your Fake Boobs Feel Like?

Like fake boobs I guess haha?

I had almost no breast tissue to cover my implants, meaning they had to go under my pectoral muscle. So basically my breasts now feel like a small amount of squishy breast tissue over a firm chest muscle. They are jiggly and squeezable when my chest muscles are relaxed, but definitely firmer than natural breasts when I flex my pectoral muscles or the implants are under pressure – like when I’m lying on my stomach or giving someone a bear hug.


Do You Hate Small Boobs?

No! Hell no!

Small boobs are beautiful and sexy and amazing. As long as you love love your boobs, I love your boobs. Actually I probably think they’re perfect even if you don’t. My small boobs just didn’t work for me because of my messed up rib cage.


Are You Happy You Had A Boob Job?

Yes! Having a breast augmentation was the right choice for me.While there have been a couple of tradeoffs, I feel so much more confident, feminine and sexy since having my surgery. It’s made me less self conscious, my clothes fit better and I feel like my figure is more balanced. My boob job was truly an investment in my self esteem and I’m so glad I did it.

I'm answering all your questions about my breast augmentation experience. Breast implants two days later

This is what my breasts look like now, two years after surgery.

Would You Encourage Other Women To Have Breast Augmentations?

No. I would NEVER encourage anyone to have any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is an intensely personal procedure. Having it for the wrong reasons can have extremely negative consequences. Hell, having it all all can have extremely negative consequences – like people you barely know feeling it’s appropriate to touch you, or offload their self righteous opinion on what you should or shouldn’t do with your body.

While having a breast augmentation was the right choice for me, it’s certainly not the right choice for everyone. I would encourage anyone considering cosmetic surgery to talk over your reasons with trusted friends, family, partners, and professionals to figure out whether it’s the right solution for you.

Anything Else?

  • Having a breast augmentation won’t automatically make your breasts “perfect”. In fact, it will make the natural asymmetry of your boobs more obvious. If one looks a bit to the side, it will look more to the side when it’s bigger!
  • Your boobs will looks like torpedoes for a few months, no bullet bra required.
  • Your scars might be tender for a long time. When I started wearing underwires again after 13 weeks, I had to pad the wires with tissues to stop them rubbing.
  • Bras are just decoration now. These puppies stay up by themselves so I basically only wear a bra to prevent frosties, support when I workout,  and because I like pretty things. True story.


Phew! I think we made it through all your questions! If there’s something your curious about that I didn’t cover, feel free to leave me a comment!
I hope sharing my experience has given you some insight into some of the reasons people might choose to get breast implants, and what the journey is like.

With Style & Sass,

        Velvet DeCollete

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I never would have guessed that you had breast augmentation! This post was incredibly interesting and informative and I really liked what your husband said about it being an investment in your self esteem – he was completely right! I’m glad you’re feeling more confident and happy in your skin, that is the most important thing (other than being healthy, of course! 😉 ).


He’s a smart guy for sure!

Interesting! Thanks for that. I too am having breast implants under my pectoral muscles but it’s for reconstruction after cancer. I will be intrigued to see how mine turn out. I don’t have boobs to hide the seams under and naturally no nipple but I’m happy with tattooing them. Thanks for sharing


Good luck with your reconstruction! I can only imagine the emotional impact that experience will have and I hope it goes smoothly for you x

super helpful information. I am 1 week post op & I was beginning to think I was truly deformed (torpedo boobs). The sexy compression bra isn’t too bad, but the compression strap is going to be burned !!!! it is so uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing your experience and putting my mind at ease


Haha the torpedo boobs will pass! I was lucky to not have a compression strap, I hear they are super uncomfortable. Congrats on your op and I hope your recovery goes smoothly! xox

Dear velvetdecollete – I just found your webpage and I really hope that you have time to answer some more questions. I have pectus excavatum just like you said you have (even though I cant really see it) and I’m considering to have something done (I’m too scared of the nuss precedure and also too “old” for it as it will be too painful to do now and I’m not ready to take that risk)
There are almost no girls with my kind of chest and I wonder how it helped you (psychologically etc) to have it done. Did it change for you to feel more feminine and at peace in your body? Is there anything you regret? Here I’m thinking particularly to the fact that your chest was “not normal” before


Hi Victoria, sorry for the late reply, I’ve actually started a new blog https://www.suchakitsch.com/ so I have’t been checking this one! It definately helped me feel more comfortable about my excavatum and made it basically un-noticable to everyone else. (And yeah, the procedure to fix a misshapen ribcage is awful!)

I’m glad to discover your website. I was just looking for a review on Grow Lab products. Tada I end up reading your other articles…I’m a fan now!


Aw thank you! I’m glad you found it helpful! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve actually started a new blog https://www.suchakitsch.com/ so i can share more travel and lifestyle content, so check that out for future updates!

Thank for this! I’m considering getting one because my boobs are uneven and different two years after having my daughter. It’s weird to say that boobs make us feel confident and womanly, but it’s so true, I feel scared about the after surgery and to have a bad boob surgery ( I hope not!) thats why I like to read blogs like this, I also found this article on how to avoid bad boob job!

Wow thank you! I am one week out and super worried about my MEGA MELON boobs but after seeing your pics and reading this I feel 1000 percent better!


Don’t worry Alyshia, the mega melon boob stage will pass! One week is NOTHING, just relax and give your body time to adjust x

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I also went through the exact same! I was miserably wearing what I call a “thong bra” to try to keep the implants from falling into the hole, it worked to a certain extent… they aren’t rounding out on the sides and I’m 9 months in. Did yours?


Mine aren’t super round on the sides, but they don’t extend past my ribcage so i think it would be hard to tell anyway!

How long did it take for your torpedoe shape to turn to round shape? I’m 6 days post op and freaking out that I made the worse mistake because they’re pointy and not round.


Hi Courtney! It took at least a month to lose the torpedo shape, don’t panic! Your body needs time to heal, adjust and for your skin to stretch!

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