Casually Glamorous | Michele’s Glittering Bridal Party

Some things happen for a reason. In this case I’d say that reason is love. Michele and Rob were meant to be, and their wedding was one of the most joyous and emotional I’ve seen.

When it came to gowns Michele and her daughter Kathryn knew what they wanted. With reference pictures and (sparkling, enchanting, ocean-esque) fabrics in hand they arrived on my doorstep for Michele’s first consultation. By then end we had sketches for a glamorous wedding gown and three bridesmaids, each tailored to the individual body shape of the wearer.


The custom design process always has ups and downs. Weight loss and a last minute bridesmaid swap due to pregnancy hit this time. Luckily creating dresses for happy people is a great motivator and a few late nights later we were back on schedule. Keeping calm when hiccups happen is part of my job as the designer – the bride has enough on her mind!

My favourite detail of Michele’s bridal gown? The beaded lace jacket. Designing around a specific lace pattern and hand stitching lace and beads is my specialty.

I carefully cut the jacket from the center length of the embellished lace, placing each pattern piece to ensure a symmetrical result. I then trimmed the wide scalloped border from the lace and hand applied it to the constructed jacket to line up with the existing motifs. Careful cutting and overlapping of the scalloped border created the right shape and fit around the hem of the garment. Any stray beads were then resewn into the design.

The result is a garment that looks like it’s made from one piece of specially designed lace, when in fact it’s made from many.


All of the gowns are fully lined and boned to give flattering support and shape. This is essential when creating strapless dresses – there’s nothing worse than seeing a beautifully presented woman pulling up the bust of her dress!





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