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One Day To Go!

One Day To Go!

That’s right, you only have ONE DAY LEFT to Vote Velvet for the Miss Viva Las Vegas pinup contest finals!

This is a huuuuuuge deal for me (I mean HUGE). Representing my country, my message and everyone who believes in me at the world’s largest pinup pageant would be an incredible opportunity, and one I likely won’t have the opportunity to travel for it again – at least not for the foreseeable future!

It only takes around seven seconds.
I know you’re busy, but those feel good vibes from helping a fellow human will be worth it. 

There are two hundred applicants, and only the six with the most votes will fill the remaining spots in the finals. Voting closes at midnight on January 31st 2019 PST.


  1. Visit the Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest page
  2. Scroll down until you see this photo with my name under it.

Vote Velvet DeCollete to make the finals ofthe Miss Viva Las Vegas pinup contest 2019   

    3. Now hit that VOTE button!

It will ask you to enter your email and a security captcha – the captcha is case sensitive and you will need to include the space between the words. Don’t worry, they won’t spam you with emails, just one to confirm your vote!

And that’s it! You’re done!


Vote Velvet DeCollete for your Kiwi representative at the Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest!

For extra credit and good deed vibes go on and share that link with your friends, family, co-workers, frenemies and strangers on public transport. (You can repost it from my Facebook or Instagram if that’s easier!)

Happy voting and thanks for your support!

With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete

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High Tea & Curious Food with Miss Charlotte Cake

High Tea & Curious Food with Miss Charlotte Cake

These are the happy faces of two pinups who are about to stuff their faces with tasty tasty food!

Miss Charlotte Cake and I enjoyed a foodie gal’s dream day out, visiting the first Curious Food Festival, followed by tasting the High Tea at Hector’s Restaurant for the Very Vintage Day Out. It was a day of belly laughs and bellyfulls of utter deliciousness.

Of course we dressed in style. I opted for my strawberry field hat and corsage with a vintage gingham dress to make a perfectly picnicky looking outfit. Charlotte wore an amazing tropical print three piece vintage ensemble.

The Curious Food Festival

Held at Shed 10 on the Auckland Waterfront, the inaugural Curious Food Festival promised “12 city centre eateries creating their most imaginative and delicious dishes“. The teaser menu looked promising, and we showed up early to make sure we were at the front of the queue.
( Waiting in long lines makes us hungry, and you won’t like us when we’re hungry.)

One of the festival crew ran out asking to take our picture for their social media, which was super cute.

Our planning and patience paid off, and we managed to scope out all the vendors and get ourselves some treats before the crowds rolled in!

Spaghetti From Toto

First up was rich spaghetti cooked with brandy in a giant wheel of cheese. Toto delivered both scrummy food and entertainment with their Parmesan wheel pasta, cooked in front of each customer, and doused in one of three sauces and crispy bacon after being pulled from its cheesy nest.

We shovelled this into our faces in near silence, because it was So. Damn. Good. I’d happily eat this for a week, although my arteries my say otherwise.

Gelato From Lalele

Unusual taste combinations were a strong theme at the Curious Food Festival.

Lalele Organic Gelato were offering two special flavours alongside their usual gelato, cocolato and sorbet; Black Garlic, and Persimmon & Pine Needle.

I wasn’t brave enough to sample the Black Garlic gelato. Charlotte did, but her face said it all, garlic is not a good gelato flavour haha! The Persimmon & Pine needle however was surpisingly moreish. Rather than the Christmasy pine needle scent I expected, Lalele utilised the sap of the pine needles, creating a sweet honeyed taste that blended with the delicate persimmon flavour. We both snapped up serving and savoured it while appreciating the animated performance of the singer and guitar duo onstage.

Tarts from Scratch Bakers HQ

Our next stop was the delightfully tiny tarts prepared by Scratch Bakers HQ. Mindful that we were about to partake of a full high tea, Miss Cake and I both opted for takeaway tarts (although she sensibly chose four, and I went for nine to share my my family). Inventively flavoured to intrigue your tastebuds the tarts included a caramalised banana jam, maple curd and crispy bacon tart,  a beautiful pink strawberry jam, goats milk custard and rhubarb marshmellow tart and my personal favourite, caramalised popcorn, dark chocolate and popcorn custard, as well as espresso and lavender meringue based varieties.

The tarts were decadently sweet and I’m glad I saved them for later. They went down perfectly with a cup of tea the next morning!

High Tea at Heritage Auckland’s Hectors Restaurant

Lunchtime hunger sated, we strolled through the city to the tropical decor of Hector’s at the Heritage Hotel.

Joined by Ruth from the Very Vintage Day Out, we chatted to Executive Chef Gerard about his favourite high tea treats (opera cake) and his impressive vegan high tea menu. Gerard’s a bit shy, so he didn’t join us on camera while we tasted and talked high tea, parrots, VVDO 2018 and the fact I wave my hands around too much when I talk.

You can watch our livestream below for a good giggle, and our honest opinions on the vegan high tea options. ( Spoiler alert, even my non-vegan self thought it was totally nom-worthy).

Look like something you’d enjoy? Yeah it does!
Even better, you could win a Hector’s High Tea experience for yourself! Just book your Very Vintage Day Out High Tea and post a selfie of you enjoying it to go in the draw!

Photos | Velvet DeCollete, Miss Charlotte Cake, Lemongrass Productions

With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete

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Beach Hop Miss Retro Beauty + OOTD 2018!

Beach Hop Miss Retro Beauty + OOTD 2018!

Beach Hop Retro Pinup Show

One of my Repco Beach Hop highlights is always watching the Retro Pinup contest. Every year dozens of stunning ladies parade their vintage inspired outfits, competing for the title of Miss Retro Beauty.

In previous years it’s been hard for contestants to track down photos ( even with the dozens of cameras snapping away ) so this year I made it my mission to take photos and actually share them! I did my best to get photos of everyone, but some ladies didn’t pause at the end of the runway, so if you entered and I didn’t manage to catch you I’m so sorry! While it does sadden me that none of the judges this year had a vintage or pinup background it was wonderful to see so many smiles and sassy moves on the stage.

My favourite outfit of the day had to be Miss Estelle Belle’s. Her tropical inspired outfit was a perfectly accessorized riot of colour. I just love it when people can colour coordinate their outfits with their hair so well!

Miss Retro Beauty Beach Hop best dressed contest 2018

My Beach Hop Outfit

My own outfit for Beach Hop Saturday was a mix of vintage and reproduction pieces.

After altering the beaded and sequined knit top the night before I desperately wanted to wear it! Pairing it with baby blue pedal pushers, blue flowers, black shoes and a wide belt gave me the right balance of sweet and sassy. I chose a wide belt to accentuate my waist under the newly cropped top.

I couldn’t resist the spiderweb Sourpuss bag when I saw it at the Rita Sue stall. Not only have I been eyeing up those glittery webbed bags for ages, but it was on sale AND matched my outfit!

Velvet DeCollete stands next to a turquoise car at Beach Hop 2018

Velvet DeCollete Pin Up Girl Beach Hop OOtd

Please forgive my blurry AF phone photo haha!

See you all at Beach Hop 2019 x

With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete

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Waihi Warmup Best Dressed Comp 2018

Waihi Warmup Best Dressed Comp 2018

This year I had the tough task of judging the Waihi Warmup best dressed competition.

Starting the Repco Beach Hop festivities, the Waihi Warmup has been running for about ten years. The main road gets closed while the hot rods and classics roll in. Music, food and market stalls and hundreds of people packs the streets. The Drag Race ( a relay race down the main strip run by men in drag ) and the best dressed competition are crowd favourites. I spent the day signing up our well dressed contestants, snapping photos and making the hard decisions!

With over eighty contestants this year I can’t share them all, but I will share my winning outfits and honorable mentions! You can see all the contestants – and maybe some familiar faces – in the Gold FM photo gallery.

Best Dressed Group

Every year these couples cook up the coolest matching ensembles.

Last year was baby pink suits, this year was blue, black and striped rock n roll outfits. Check out those blue suede brothel creepers! I love how they embrace the fun side of vintage culture and had the biggest smiles on their faces!

Best Dressed Woman

Waihi-Warmup-Best-Dressed-Competition-Female-WinnerSandra Strickland won Best Dressed Woman at the Waihi Warmup.

Repco Beach Hop 2018 had a Tiki theme. I felt this fab tropical set with matching hair flowers and ladylike 1950’s pearls reflected the theme and a  vintage vibe without crossing over into culturally appropriative territory. I also appreciated how her white parasol brought out the white jewelry and the white accents in the print, preventing her outfit from becoming too dark.

Best Dressed Boy

Waihi-Warmup-Best-Dressed-Competition-toddler-elvisHey baby Elvis!

Do I even need to explain why Lewis Lehman took out the Waihi Warmup’s Best Dressed Boy? This is a pretty involved costume for a little kid to wear and Lewis rocked it like a champ! His jumpsuit even had ‘Elvis’ on the back in glittery letters. He was serving cute smiles and thumbs up’s to everyone!

Best Dressed Man


Mike Jacobs took home the Warmup’s Best Dressed Man prize with this suede trimmed suit.

The men’s category but the hardest to judge with the gents putting in a massive amount of effort. The bold orange and blue colour combo and graphic appeal of this outfit made it stand out, and I appreciate that Mike’s blue leather shoes matched his suit!

Best Dressed Girl

Waihi-Warmup-Best-dressed-girlOlivia Keightly was all smiles in her flamingo print dress.

This was a cute, age appropriate girls outfit that reflected Beach Hop’s Tiki theme. Olivia’s yellow gumball necklace and earrings suited the summery fun atmosphere of the Waihi Warmup, and her little victory rolls were so pretty.

Honourable Mentions

Waihi-Warmup-Best-Dressed-Competition-man-in-leopard-print-trim-rock-n-roll-suitThis rocker is my new idol and very nearly won. Look at awesome leopard fur collar and welt pockets on that jacket! I’m a sucker for leopard print and partial to those snazzy AF python shoes as well.


Waihi-Warmup-Best-Dressed-CompetitionPoodle skirt alert! Classic 1950’s diner style from this jitter buggin’ couple.


Another take on The King. While this was popular with the crowd Best Dressed comps for me are about having the best outfit rather than the best costume so Elvis took out an Honourable Mention prize.

Waihi-Warmup-Best-Dressed-Competition-cute-rock-n-roll-coupleHow sweet are these guys? I love the dapper gent’s bold colour choices and pattern mixing while the lady had a strong red theme uniting her dress and accessories. I want her adorable sweet heart handbag!

Waihi-Warmup-Best-Dressed-Competition-red-hat-ladiesThe Tauranga Red Hat ladies were a flurry of colour in the busy Waihi streets.


Waihi-Warmup-rock-n-roll-dancersThis couple didn’t enter best dressed, but I love her outfit and they had the best dance moves!


I’ll be back helping Gold FM with the best dressed competition at the Waihi Warmup in 2019, I hope I see you there!


With Style & Sass,

  Velvet DeCollete


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Cuba Libre | A Pinup’s Guide to Cuba

Cuba Libre | A Pinup’s Guide to Cuba

So everyone knows I traveled to Cuba last October. Mostly because I won’t shut up about it ( Sorry not sorry). A year on, with more travel options becoming available to the Caribbean island I’ve been inundated with questions about what it’s really like as a tourist there. With the political changes since my visit some things will have changed, but hopefully most will still be relevant!

While everyone’s experiences will be different, I’ve collated a list of what I loved, hated, and think you should know before your Cuban adventure. As a pinup some of these things might not apply to non-pinups, but most of it will.

A Pinup’s Guide to Travelling in Cuba

  • Don’t Drink the Water

    I repeat, don’t drink the water. Drinking water with unfamiliar bacteria can give you an upset stomach and a few people on my tour got sick. Luckily bottled water is easy to find and relatively cheap. Our tour guide also pointed out which drinks commonly contained tap water or ice made from tap water to help us avoid illness (local knowledge goes a long way). It might be a good idea to consider if foods like fruit and raw vegetables have been washed in unfiltered water too.
    I tried to avoid illness by introducing my body to it slowly by brushing my teeth with tap water every night, and I didn’t get sick, but that’s just me. I still wouldn’t have drunk water out of the tap. I did drink this heavenly sugar cane juice near Trinidad. Highly recommend it.

  • Money Honey

    Money can be tricky in Cuba. You can only exchange your money for CUC’s when you arrive, and there are extra costs associated with exchanging American Dollars. American credit cards like Mastercard and Amex won’t work in Cuba, and some travel cards (including Onesmart if you’re from NZ) won’t either.
    Taking Canadian Dollars, British Pounds or Euros and exchanging them at the airport in Havanna seems to be the easiest and most reliable option.

  • Communication

    Don’t expect everyone to speak English. While Cubans speak Spanish, they speak it with fast a strong accent. I have very, very basic Spanish and understood almost nothing that was said to me haha. Most of the hospitality staff spoke at least a little English, but the Casa owners often didn’t. This isn’t a massive issue if you’re on a tour with an English speaking guide to look after you, but it is nice ( and polite) to know at least “hello, please, thank you” and how to order a mohito.

  • Health and Safety

    Safety Regulations aren’t as strict in Cuba as they are in most developed Western Countries. I found this actually made my trip more fun, but I feel OSH goes a bit overboard on most things these days. Don’t be surprised if there’s no handrail on the stairs, a hole in the floor of the elevator and no 30 minute safety briefing before your cave excursion. Common sense is expected.

  • Keep it Clean

    If you only take one piece of advice, it’s this. Always carry tissues, toilet paper or wet wipes, and hand sanitiser. Public toilets, and even restaurant and bar toilets, often don’t have toilet paper. Sometimes you can buy it outside, but it’s best to carry your own just to be safe.
    You can’t flush anything down most toilets there either, so just be prepared to put paper and hygiene products in the bin next to it.
    Feminine products can be very hard to find in Cuba, so be well stocked if there’s any chance you might need them.

  • Bathroom Basics

    The Casa Particulars I stayed in all had nice bathrooms, always very clean but sometimes very small. Showers will often be cold and have low water pressure. You get used to it, and it makes it super exciting when you find one with good water pressure! Sometimes the hairdryers will be cold too, so take your own if you require perfect hair every day. I was so sweaty I washed or at least rinsed my hair daily, and settled for easy updo’s , big sunhats and hair scarves. As a result I’d take more shampoo and conditioner than you’d normally use.
    PS: it’s super hot and often humid, so maybe don’t insist on perfect hair every day.

  • Makeup

    It’s hot. Like, really really hot. Unless you’re used to a hot humid climate chances are your makeup will melt off your face. I gave up on wearing makeup during the day approximately 10 minutes after arriving.
    Makeup at night stands more of a chance, personally I stuck to face powder, eye shadow, liner, waterproof mascara and lipstick. Matte lipstick lasted better ( my gloss finish one basically melted in the tube). Proper foundation just made my skin feel even more gross and sweaty.

  • Protect your skin

    I don’t sunburn easily, and compared to NZ’s harsh sun I didn’t need to go crazy on the sunscreen, but I did find an aerosol sunscreen very handy for walking day tours in blazing sun. However if you have very fair skin, or burn easily you will need it! Some people on my tour were eaten alive by mosquito’s, once again I didn’t have much of an issue myself but it can’t hurt to be prepared with some insect repellent just in case you’re on the mozzie menu.

  • Tours

    I’m 100% glad I went with a tour group. I can’t imagine trying to decipher the in’s and out’s of travelling in Cuba without help! While I went with Locally Sourced Tours and loved being in a small group supporting private Cuban businesses there’s options for whatever your travel tastes are. Our tour guides organised everything, helped us find the shops we wanted to see, stayed out partying with us every night and re-arranged our travel plans disrupted by Hurricane Matthew. They also warned us what would be safe for us to eat / drink and what wouldn’t.


Things you expect in Cuba: sunshine, classic cars, old buildings and rum cocktails



Things you don’t expect: Amazing food, a cinema district and the clash of modern technology with history.

My Favourite Things in Cuba

Swimming in an underground pool in the second level of a cave. Infectious music. The Art Factory gallery turn nightclub. BBQ’d meat and moro (beans and rice) . $2 mohitos. The cave disco in Trinidad. An ocean so warm I can actually walk into it. Mesmerizing art. Constant colour. Hanging out on the Malecon. Dancing in tiny live music venues. 

Tropical painted houses. Ornate buildings that are crumbling on the outside, and beautifully restored casa on the inside

An immense cemetery in Santa Clara full of statues, tombs and monuments

Every form of transport imaginable on the same road
(We’re talking horse and carts, classic cars, men riding oxen, orange shaped taxis, tour buses and aging trucks)

Street life – a little during the day, and A LOT at night

The people. Honestly the people are as warm as the temperature, so passionate, generous and friendly
( I was really slack at taking photos of people, so here’s a snap of two of our tour guides while we were racing bicycle taxis through a city.)

Getting back to Cuba is high on my wishlist, and I hope she hasn’t lost her laid back charm and safe vibe since tourism picked up. If you’ve been recently I’d love to hear about your experiences!

With style & sass,

  Velvet DeCollete



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Jilted Brides and Moldy Cake | Miss Havisham’s Day Out

What do you call a group of jilted brides? A Flock? A Murder?
Let’s go with a Murder, because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Last weekend a murder of brides descended upon Newmarket’s historic Highwic House for Miss Havisham’s Day Out. Part of the Til Death Do Us Part exhibition currently housed at Highwic,  it was a day of cobwebby cakes, vintage games and wedding gowns themed around the eccentric spinster from Great Expectations!

Dressed in wedding gowns from all eras guests competed in ring finger races and White Wedding lipsyncs ( yes that’s me jamming air guitar in the middle, any excuse really! ), created centrepieces and sand saucers before dining on sandwiches, scones and an incredibly moldy, spider infested wedding cake created by Miss Charlotte Cake. ( I can vouch for it being as delicious as it was spooky!)

Miss Havisham's Day Out | Velvet DeCollete

Miss Havisham's Day Out | Velvet DeCollete

Clementine joined me to model the most feminine of lace foundation garments from House of Satin. Strolling around the manicured grounds in lingerie has never been more glamorous! They’re even giving away a glorious set of lingerie, so visit the exhibition before it closes this weekend to be in the draw!

I had quite a conundrum over which wedding dress to wear ( I have four vintage gowns, plus the gown I was actually married in!) but finally settled on this Edwardian inspired lacy number. Made in the late 60’s or early 70’s this confection of swiss dot tulle and satin was just begging to be worn with a dramatically long veil. The rumpled satin flowers in my hair are made from off cuts of bridal gowns I’ve made and altered over the years.

Miss Havisham's Day Out | Velvet DeCollete

An enormous thanks to Rose and Glory Days for putting such a wonderful afternoon of high jinks! All the vintage gowns on display at Til Death Us Do Part are available in a silent auction ending this Sunday, with proceeds going to The Aunties, a group supporting victims of domestic violence. Make sure you hop online here, place a bid and hopefully take home a beautiful piece of history while supporting a more than worthy cause.

Photos by
David Watson
Peter Jennings
Charlotte Cake
 Velvet DeCollete
 Sarah Tallentire

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My Top 5 Shopping Day Essentials

We’re busy people. I know your days off are rarer than Louboutins in an op shop. You need to make the most of them, especially when it comes to a hard earned shopping junket.

In a sprawling city like Auckland planning for a successful shopping trip is key. Be unprepared and you could end up heading home in rush hour with a blister, a hungry tummy and three tops you found on sale that you’ll never wear. No one deserves that. Years of experience have left me a shopping mission tactician and here are my top five essentials for shopping like a boss lady.

1. The right clothes.

You’ll need to try things on, so wear something easy to get off (put down the skinny jeans!). Buying off the hanger isn’t reliable when fit and styles vary between new, vintage and store to store. Besides, some of the most flattering things I own looked average on the hanger. Oh, and slip on shoes will save you so much time.

2. A plan.


Scope out all the shops you want to visit and plan or GPS the most effective route. Remember to avoid busy areas in peak traffic times! I always start at the store furthest from home: it’s one I’m less likely to get to another day and I like being near to home when I’m tired at the end.

3. Water and snacks.

Packing water and snacks means you won’t make unplanned stops because you’re getting grumpy from hunger or dehydration. It’s also cheaper. You want to be spending your hard earned cash on shopping, not food!

4. A bag with a strap.

You’ll need both hands free for flicking through those racks or carrying bolts of fabric. Trust me.

5. A list.


Making a list of desired items will keep you on track, ensuring you stay focused on what you want or need – not what you just saw on sale. Getting home to realise you forgot the one thing you really needed is a major face-palm moment. Your face is nice, so let’s not palm it.

Now you have the secrets to world shopping domination, go forth and  plan a retail therapy adventure! ( Then show me what you bought, I want to seeeeeeee.)

May the thrifting gods be with you,

                                  Velvet x

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Very Vintage Day Out 2016 | Photo Safari & Outfit of the Day

Apologies on the delayed VVDO post, I’ve been focused so completely on producing the Blue Moon Ball everything else just slipped away. So here, delayed but not forgotten, is a brief outfit review and photo safari images…

In true VVDO tradition the photo safari was organised chaos! Photographers and models vied for unobstructed backgrounds and cars that matched their outfits. There were giggles and goofs as huge petticoats invaded photos and photographers backed into each other – but in the end there were wonderful photographs and killer vintage fashion.

Velvet Decollete vintage style VVDO 16 | David Watson

Velvet Decollete vintage style VVDO 16 | David Watson

My Vintage Outfit

When choosing this years ensemble I wanted a contrast to last year’s dark dress and makeup. A glorious blue lurex dress hanging in Tock Tick Vintage answered the call. Ensnared by its sparkle and texture I tried it on and immediately fell in love with how the modest cut balanced the showiness of the fabric. La Vonne found a pillbox hat close enough in colour to match so both came home with me!

Inspired by the clean, coordinated style of Jackie Onassis I chose white accessories to keep the blue dress in the limelight, and pantihose over stockings as a nod to their huge popularity upon commercial release in the early 1960’s.

Outfit Breakdown

Dress, hat + brooch | All Vintage from Tock Tick Vintage 
Petticoat + Glomesh bag | Vintage op shop finds
Shoes + vintage gloves  | Borrowed from my mother
Belt | Forever New
Sunglasses + vintage earrings | Gifted
Columbine Pantihose | Farmers

Velvet Decollete vintage style VVDO 16 | Shifting Light Photography

Velvet DeCollete onstage during the Best Vintage category at Very Vintage Day Out 2016

Velvet DeCollete onstage during the Best Vintage category.
Photo | Norrie Montgomery

Velvet DeCollete onstage during the Best Vintage category.<br /> Photo | Norrie Montgomery

Onstage during the Best Dressed Vintage category.

The Authentic Vintage category finals of the Best Dressed competition ( photos by Norrie Montgomery) were so much fun. Every year NZ pin ups pull out some simply amazing outfits from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. I’m in awe of Natalie Louise’s sorbet coloured ensemble you can see in the background!

I had such an awful morning with contact lens and eyeliner horrors my makeup could have been better, I’m just glad I managed to get myself together in time! Do any other pinups struggle with the glasses vs contact lenses debate? My daily glasses aren’t retro styled and my milk bottle lenses are far too expensive to buy an extra pair for pinup . As a result I feel obliged to wear contact lenses that irritate my eyes something awful.

The highlight of my day was (as always) the food. Miss Charlotte Cake had the most scrumptious little cakes that looked every bit as delightful as they tasted, while The Tea Ladies put on a much needed cuppa in the afternoon. While there was quite a delay in the high tea service, these things happen and cannot be predicted no matter how hard you work! Overall a lovely way to spend a day!

vintage style VVDO 16 | Velvet Decollete

If you’d like to see more of the Very Vintage Day Out, you find my posts on the 2015 event here and here!

With style & sass,

             Velvet DeCollete



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Thursdays on O’Connell | Ten Days of Fashion Catwalk

Thursdays on O’Connell | Ten Days of Fashion Catwalk

Auckland City has some pretty cool stuff. Like crazy vintage street parties with fashion shows and cocktails. I know. I was there.

I was there because I was walking the catwalk for Hudson, a stylish boutique on O’Connell street. Nerve wracking doesn’t quite describe walking uphill on cobbles, in heels, while trying to look kinda sexy. Clothing is my armour though, so I donned my favourite vintage hat and pearls and had a blast strutting my short-ass stuff.  Plus it was a great excuse to hang out with these babes on a Thursday night.


I think I did an acceptable job of repping under 5.4″ models haha!

I’d never been to O’Connell street before, but I’ll be back. The warming, rich hot chocolates from Bohemein Chocolaterie guarantee it.

Kate van der Drift  3

Enter a caption

Strangely Normal kept the crown lubricated at their fab mid century Tiki Bar, while Dr Sketchy provided a pinup sketch scene for the artistically inclined. After changing into my favourite purple ensemble I spent the rest of the night dancing, eating spaghetti and meatballs and admiring Rose’s incredible vintage coat!

Rose from Glory Days Magazine was a driving force behind the evening and I’m ever so grateful she got me involved. Hopefully there’ll be a repeat event next year!

Kate van der Drift  2

Photos | Kate Van Der Drift
(plus a couple of selfies and snapshots)




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The Glory Days Deco Market

The Glory Days Deco Market

New Zealand has some fantastic vintage events, and I’m lucky enough that my job(s) take me to most of them!

Clementine and I had a marvelous time taking the Beckon Couture stall to the Glory Days Deco Market at Highwic HouseHendricks Gin had delicious punch, there was dancing on the lawn and some truly amazing Art Deco garb. (not to mention the most impressive picnic table I’ve ever seen – complete with silverware and gramophone!)

I’ll certainly be attending next year. You should too, considering entry to the Deco Day was only $5 – a bargain considering Highwick House usually charges a $10 entry.

I took some snaps on the day for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy with a gin in true 20’s style.

velvet decollete, 1920s, girl, lady, woma, dome, taxidermy bird, beret

I don’t always have a taxidermy bird, but when I do I pose with it.

This was my first attempt at an art deco / 1920’s inspired outfit and makeup. I don’t think it was half bad!

Outfit of the day

Beret | Gift from my Mother
Beaded collar | Tock Tick VIntage
Sheer blouse | Misery Boutique – Op shop find
Trousers | Alexander McQueen – Op shop find
Glorious velvet peeptoe shoes | Borrowed from my mother

And just for fun here’s Clementine and I making silly faces. Because that’s what we do.

I do hope we see you at the next event. If you know of any fun vintage outings let me know, any excuse to wear something pretty !

              Velvet x

PS: All those fake cucumbers in the first montage were for a cucumber decorating competition. You heard me. Cucumber decorating. It was adorable.

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