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The Great Unkillable Felt Cactus Zen Garden

This is an Unkillable, Mess Free, Child Safe, Felt Cactus Zen Garden.
( Yes, it may be the perfect gift for just about anyone.)

felt cactus zen garden | Velvet DeCollete

Terrible with plants? These can’t die.
Love plants but have kids? These can be chewed, squished or knocked over and there’s no messy sand or soil involved.
Work in a dingy office? These are cheerily bright, and require no sunlight!
Indecisive? Velcro bases mean you can easily and constantly re-position your plants.

With tiny cacti, miniature water features and teensy little stones, The only way to make this felt zen garden cuter would be adding kawaii happy faces to all the cacti.

felt cactus zen garden | Velvet DeCollete

felt cactus zen garden | Velvet DeCollete

I designed this adorable box of zen inducing desert flora for my older sister. She is both death to plants and mother of a small child. She thought it was pretty cool.
I can make one for your sister, brother, parent, life partner or rad friend too, just send me a message on Facebook or here on my contact page! Oh, and it doesn’t stop at Cacti, between photoshoots and making couture gowns I also whipped up a felt cake for my niece and a bag of vegetables for my nephew. I’m a one stop cute felt stuff shop!

If you’re feeling inspired you can try stitching your own felt garden. Feel free to use mine for inspiration or hit up felt plants on pinterest for some cute ideas, then surprise someone with their own unkillable zen garden. (Or keep it for yourself, you need some zen too).

Craftily yours,


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Diy Retro Furniture Revamp

Diy Retro Furniture Revamp

I’m unashamedly fond of pretty things. I’m also fond of saving for travel and a house, so paying big bucks for pretty things isn’t happening. Luckily you don’t need to be swimming in cash to have sassy personalised furniture…

 DIY Retro Furniture Revamp

Follow these three simple steps and you can give wooden furniture a makeover easy as pie.

  1. dismantle
  2. sand
  3. paint

It’s actually that simple.

The Ever Patient Husband found this dresser on Trademe. It had the storage and mirror I needed, but lets face it, it’s kinda boring right? (Apart from the pansy drawer liners, those are nana-fabulous).workroom furniture revamp | Velvet DeCollete

The first thing I did to revamp this puppy was dismantle it. It makes it easier to sand, paint and ensures you don’t paint anything shut that shouldn’t be shut.

Then came the sanding. This is the most time consuming part and I highly recommend borrowing a mouse sander from someone if you don’t have one. You’ll also want some kind of dust mask and probably a bandanna to stop dust getting in your hair. Sand off all the old varnish and smooth out any dings or scratches. I find it’s easiest to sand in a gentle circular motion so I don’t make any dents from over-sanding one place.

Now use a soft brush or cloth to wipe off any dust before moving on to the painting.

I used an interior/exterior paint for my dresser because I had some already. (the colour is Summer House mixed half and half with white if you’re interested).  Just make sure the paint you choose is durable enough for your furniture’s purpose. Using a wee fluffy paint roller I painted two coats. Being a stinking hot sunny day it only took a few hours for the first coat to dry but normally I’d leave it overnight before applying the second coat.

Once everything is nice and dry, reassemble your furniture and screw any handles back on. Ta Da! You have fancy schmancy new furniture, how awesome is that?

workroom furniture revamp | Velvet DeCollete

I kept the original handles for my dresser, but I might swap them out for cute pink or blue crystal ones in the future. What do you think?

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