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Kumeu Classic Car Show 2015 | A Hot Day of Hot Cars

Kumeu Classic Car Show 2015 | A Hot Day of Hot Cars

It’s been a scorching summer here in godzone, perfect for BBQ’s, beaches and beautiful cars.

The Ever Patient Husband and I hit up the Kumeu Classic Car Show in January, on a day so hot the sun bounced off those polished cars so brightly you couldn’t look straight at ’em.

I met up with my favourite camera wielding gal Zandy J for some quick shots while checking out some absolute dream cars. Eventually we escaped the sun at Charcoal Chicken for a less than healthy but more than delicious lunch. (It’s our little secret, but if you love slow spitroasted chicken you can’t beat ’em! Just make sure you leave some for me.)

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Photo | Zandy J photography “Help a gal push?”

pinup, hot rod, pin up, model, girl, rockabilly, classic car, orange, retro, vintage, country, farm, velvet decollete, zandy j photography

Photo | Zandy J Photography

pinup, Kumeu car show, velvet decollete, zandy J photography  2015, classic car, behind the scenes, pin up, rockabilly, hotrod, vintage, retro, classic car

Hard at work with Zandy J | Photo by James Beck

twin cars, kumeu car show, 2015, pinup, velvet decollete, classic cars, white

Look honey, twins!

hot rod, classic car, turquoise, white, mint, retro,

Love those colours! Photo by James Beck

Photo by James Beck

Photo by James Beck

Om nom nom, the best chicken and potatoes around!

Om nom nom, the best chicken and potatoes around!

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Making Faces | Zandy J Pinup Photography

Making Faces | Zandy J Pinup Photography

Exciting developments in Velvet-Land!
I’m immensely thrilled to reveal that I’ll be joining the delightful Miss Charlotte Cake as one of the faces of Pinup photographer Zandy J!

This ingenious woman not only makes you feel perfectly comfortable in the studio, but also makes you look perfectly fabulous (she somehow made my 5.4″ look leggy, so that’s fairly impressive). I’m feeling festive, so here’s an early Christmas treat – a few shots from our recent shoot x

Make sure you take a sleigh ride over and show her page some love – especially if you’re in NZ and need some classic pinup photos of your charming self.

Candy Cane CutieClaasic TeaseChristmas CutiePhotographer | Zandy J Photography
Model | Velvet DeCollete
MUA + Hair | Lissy Steens – Pure Difference

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Vintage Stockings & a Stuffed Pheasant

Vintage Stockings & a Stuffed Pheasant

Feast your eyes on the rest of the images from my shoot with RiK Photography. These are my favourite photos so far and I’m eager get in front of the camera again!
Tell me which one you love and maybe I’ll take some more like it, just for you x

modern vintage style pinup, burlesque, union jack, tailcoat, mini top hat, velvet decollete, spiky shoes, fetish, stockings velvet decollete, pinup, red and black, lingerie, study, vintage, english style, old fashioned, garter, globe bettie page isnpired burlesque pinup with lingerie and pearls a group of vintage style female models on a couch / sofa burlesque group ladies, lingerie clad models circus vintage style burlesque dancer posing with union jack furniture burlesque pin up photo vintage retro camera girl with retro camera pinup girls wearing vintage lingerie with glass perfume bottleModels | Velvet DeCollete, Soda Fontaine, Kitty Rose, Kiki Kisses & Rose Halfpenny
Photographer | RiK Photography
MUA + hair | Coleta Carbonell and Karis Crawley

Follow me on the Velvet DeCollete Facebook page to see more photos and new shoots as they are released x

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The Goddess Project: Nemesis

Hello and good evening!

As some of you may know, I am a Nocturne Girl for Nocturne Magazine. Early this year we shot the Goddess Project – each Nocturne Girl representing a goddess in a shoot destined for Issue Five of the magazine.

I chose to depict Nemesis.

Since Issue Five has now been released in all its obscure, artistic splendour, I can now share my photos with you!

Vengeful and remorseless, Nemesis was a Greek goddess. As the spirit of divine retribution she balanced the happiness and sadness of men, and punished those guilty of  hubris. Derived from the Greek word ‘nemein’ , her name means ‘to give what is due’. A chilling thought for those who had offended the gods….

The idea for my photo set was to depict the goddess is a modern time, holding onto her old ways. In a time when natural disasters are affecting so many it seemed appropriate to choose a coastal urban location.

When designing the gown for Nemesis I wanted something fluid and dramatic, with Grecian references in the styling. Heavy jewellery was a must, and MUA extraordinaire Pearl DuNasemant did an incredible job of working chains and hair extensions into a goddess-like updo, tousled from centuries of smiting! Visit the Cog & Compass Facebook page to see some preliminary sketches.

Like most of my photo shoots, I couldn’t have pulled it off without my mum Dianne and my Everpatient Husband James, especially seeing as my arm had just come out of a ROM brace!
I really do appreciate the late night cups of tea, taxi services and putting up with my fabric all over the house haha. Behind every creative person is a very patient person with a broom and a reality check!

All photos are by Meagan Kerr Photography. Meagan is great to work with, really down to earth (and she’ll wait while I eat my chocolate bars)!

Visit the gorgeous new Nocturne Magazine website to view the Goddess Project in it’s entirety. (May as well grab a digital copy of the magazine while you’re there, it’s super affordable!).


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