Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your modelling rates?

My rates vary according to the kind of modelling you require, the duration, location and hair & makeup arrangement. Send me your requirements and I'll happily send you a no-pressure quote.

Where can I buy Velvet DeCollete designs?

You can view and purchase my available designs in my Etsy Boutique!

Where is Velvet DeCollete clothing made?

I pattern, cut and construct all of my bespoke garments myself. In the event that I cannot complete your order with my own hands my trusted assistant Clementine - a qualified and talented designer in her own right - works alongside me on your order.

Do you sell stockings or other garments worn in your photoshoots?

I do occasionally sell garments I've worn in my photoshoots. If you'd like to purchase an item please contact me here. If you'd like to supply an item to be worn please select one from my wishlist, or contact me to discuss the garment you'd like to provide.

I have a question!

Fire away! If you have any questions about sizing, products or services just flick me a message and I'll be happy to help.

If your question is pinup or fashion related, or just about me, the answer might be in my Velvet 101 post!