Hello Homemade Lemonade!

Oh summer you sweet thing!

This weekend was the start of the golden weather. I wore short shorts, lay in the sun, and made homemade lemonade with this easy recipe from For The Love of the South.

Sweet and tangy, I’m pretty sure this old fashioned lemonade is the nectar of the gods. Garnish with some mint leaves to bring out the freshness (or a dash of citrus vodka to bring out your freshness!) and top with ice for a perfect sunny afternoon.


Our lemon tree grows a variety called ‘Lemonades’, which are sweeter than regular lemons. If you can beg, borrow or grow some, I highly recommend it! Their lush mellow flavour means you can halve the sugar used in this recipe.



I am so jealous! We are on the downward dive toward the dark days of winter here ūüôĀ


I know the feeling! I’ve spent our winter logging on to see photos and blogs of rhe summer on your side – it made the winter seem so long.


And we all have nothing better to do in the winter than troll the internet and write on our blogs. You shall be seeing an uptick in my writing in the coming weeks I predict:-)

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