My Photoshoot Survival Kit | 5 Must Haves for Models

Photoshoot essentials for models | Velvet DeCollete

Every model needs a photo shoot survival kit. Heck every pin up needs an event survival kit! You know, those absolute essentials that save your butt time and time again. Our overstuffed bags always cradle lippy and powder but here’s a few must haves from my modelling kit…

Velvet DeCollete’s Photoshoot Survival Kit

  1. Mini Hairspray.
    Obviously it holds those flyaways down, but spraying it inside your skirt prevents static cling and applying it to a run in your hosiery will help stop it running any further! I don’t bother lugging a huge can around, these mini cans are far more convenient.
  2. The Bonnit.
    Why didn’t I have one sooner?!
    The Bonnit is a cute retro style rain hood that protects your ‘do from the elements. Travelling to and from shoots and between locations gets so much easier when wind and rain aren’t destroying your hairstyle!  The super organised Miss Charlotte Cake gave me mine and she always carries one herself.
  3. Cotton Pads.
    This may seem a little odd, but cotton pads have approximately a million uses. Blotting shiny makeup, polishing fingermarks off jewellery, cleaning shoes, or my personal secret – stuffing them down the middle of your bra to stop that awkward boob sweat patch when you’re posing under the sweltering summer sun.
  4. False Eyelash Applicator.
    I am absolutely useless at applying false eyelashes. Before I found this I was sentenced to a life of sad stubby lashes. Not only do I now get to shoots on time, but it makes getting ready on location far easier and is perfect for pressing wayward falsie ends back down without messing up your eyeliner. I’ve also used it as an emergency eyeliner guide ( it is designed to follow your eyelid shape after all ), apply diamantes to my face and to clip an oversized robe in at the back!
  5. Water.
    In a sipper bottle or with a straw to be specific. Staying hydrated without ruining your lipstick is a highly underrated ability. I usually use a Bobble bottle so I can fill it up anywhere without worrying about the chemical taste of mains water supply. Otherwise grabbing bottled water ( Please choose one in a recycled bottle! ) and a straw will do the trick!

So that’s my top five photo shoot essentials, what are yours? I always love to learn new tips and tricks.

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