My Top 5 Shopping Day Essentials

We’re busy people. I know your days off are rarer than Louboutins in an op shop. You need to make the most of them, especially when it comes to a hard earned shopping junket.

In a sprawling city like Auckland planning for a successful shopping trip is key. Be unprepared and you could end up heading home in rush hour with a blister, a hungry tummy and three tops you found on sale that you’ll never wear. No one deserves that. Years of experience have left me a shopping mission tactician and here are my top five essentials for shopping like a boss lady.

1. The right clothes.

You’ll need to try things on, so wear something easy to get off (put down the skinny jeans!). Buying off the hanger isn’t reliable when fit and styles vary between new, vintage and store to store. Besides, some of the most flattering things I own looked average on the hanger. Oh, and slip on shoes will save you so much time.

2. A plan.


Scope out all the shops you want to visit and plan or GPS the most effective route. Remember to avoid busy areas in peak traffic times! I always start at the store furthest from home: it’s one I’m less likely to get to another day and I like being near to home when I’m tired at the end.

3. Water and snacks.

Packing water and snacks means you won’t make unplanned stops because you’re getting grumpy from hunger or dehydration. It’s also cheaper. You want to be spending your hard earned cash on shopping, not food!

4. A bag with a strap.

You’ll need both hands free for flicking through those racks or carrying bolts of fabric. Trust me.

5. A list.


Making a list of desired items will keep you on track, ensuring you stay focused on what you want or need – not what you just saw on sale. Getting home to realise you forgot the one thing you really needed is a major face-palm moment. Your face is nice, so let’s not palm it.

Now you have the secrets to world shopping domination, go forth and  plan a retail therapy adventure! ( Then show me what you bought, I want to seeeeeeee.)

May the thrifting gods be with you,

                                  Velvet x

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Great reading .. and tips Velvet ♡

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