It’s Only After Dark

A big sparkling Thank You to everyone who came and showed their love and support at Friday’s show, I could hear you all hollering from the stage!

Unfortunately I finished the act with a broken knee – always a consummate professional (most of you didn’t even know)..

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Hello Homemade Lemonade!

Hello Homemade Lemonade!

Oh summer you sweet thing!

This weekend was the start of the golden weather. I wore short shorts, lay in the sun, and made homemade lemonade with this easy recipe from For The Love of the South.


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The Vintage Textiles Fair (or ‘How to Test Your Willpower’)

Visited a gorgeous vintage textiles fair today! A plethora of fabrics, fashion and miscellany to make any second hand store trawler weak at the knees.

I must say I was the epitome of restraint, leaving with only a few bags of metal stampings and a top secret purchase (Christmas gift) for my..

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Beckon Bombshell | Retro Styled Shoe Clips

If you’ve seen the Beckon Couture website recently, you’ll notice a range of luscious new shoe clips!

Sequined hearts and pin up bows add a pop of colour to your wardrobe, and a touch of glamour to your life. Everything in the new Beckon Bombshell range is handmade by yours truly,..

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Preen Like You Mean It

I don’t think I’ve ever shared these with you? While I made the tailcoat and top hat set a while back, I never blogged these photos – shame on me!

Some time ago I came across a length of cobalt blue raw silk. Silk so luminous, so electric, that I couldn’t pass it by…

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