Hello Homemade Lemonade!

Hello Homemade Lemonade!

Oh summer you sweet thing!

This weekend was the start of the golden weather. I wore short shorts, lay in the sun, and made homemade lemonade with this easy recipe from For The Love of the South.

Sweet and tangy, I’m pretty sure this old fashioned lemonade is the nectar of the gods…

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The Vintage Textiles Fair (or ‘How to Test Your Willpower’)

Visited a gorgeous vintage textiles fair today! A plethora of fabrics, fashion and miscellany to make any second hand store trawler weak at the knees.

I must say I was the epitome of restraint, leaving with only a few bags of metal stampings and a top secret purchase (Christmas gift) for my..

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Beckon Bombshell | Retro Styled Shoe Clips

If you’ve seen the Beckon Couture website recently, you’ll notice a range of luscious new shoe clips!

Sequined hearts and pin up bows add a pop of colour to your wardrobe, and a touch of glamour to your life. Everything in the new Beckon Bombshell range is handmade by yours truly,..

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Preen Like You Mean It

I don’t think I’ve ever shared these with you? While I made the tailcoat and top hat set a while back, I never blogged these photos – shame on me!

Some time ago I came across a length of cobalt blue raw silk. Silk so luminous, so electric, that I couldn’t pass it by…

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Aethercon 2013 | The Pretty Persuader Costume

So Aethercon 2013 was last weekend! Such a busy weekend with so many amazing costumes to see and people to meet. A lot of you stopped by our stand to say hi which was fantastic!

James and I debuted the full “Pretty Persuader” costume which went down a treat (we won first prize..

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The Goddess Project: Nemesis

Hello and good evening!

As some of you may know, I am a Nocturne Girl for Nocturne Magazine. Early this year we shot the Goddess Project – each Nocturne Girl representing a goddess in a shoot destined for Issue Five of the magazine.

I chose to depict Nemesis.

Since Issue..

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The Puriri Moth Corset – 1860’s Corset and Pantaloons


A corset and pantaloons crafted from an 1860’s style pattern, sewn using both machine and handstitching. Traditional details including hand stitched eyelets for the busk and metal lacing tips meet modern colours and embroidery designs

A steel busk closure and spiral steel..

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The Raven Mistress; Couture Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

So often my designs are inspired by words. A paragraph, a single sentence, the shortest heartfelt lyric. Left to stew in my mind these can blossom into a concept or character, just waiting to be tweaked and evolved by pencil on paper.
My favourite creation was one such idea, inspired by Edgar..

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