Preen Like You Mean It

I don’t think I’ve ever shared these with you? While I made the tailcoat and top hat set a while back, I never blogged these photos – shame on me!

Some time ago I came across a length of cobalt blue raw silk. Silk so luminous, so electric, that I couldn’t pass it by. It came home with me, and yearned to be made into a garment worthy of its lustrous textured sheen.

This is that garment. I call it the Preen coat, a shimmering tailored confection of vibrant blue, lined with peacock-ish teal. The clean lined style of this jacket leaves the colour perfectly uncluttered.

Admire these images by photographer Richard Leonard. Imagine how you’d strut in this tailcoat. Visit my new website, and maybe, make it your own.

Preen Tailcoat

Preen jacket Preen ladies tailcoat

Modelled by the lovely (and extremely tall) Roni. x

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H. E. Lexus

A fun looking outfit. ūüėČ

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