Retro Wedding Dress Parade

So Clementine has these wedding dresses that fell off the back of a truck.

No, really. Her friend found them in a giant plastic bag in the road, and actually does think they fell off the back of a truck. The obvious solution? Promptly deliver dresses to Clementine because lets face it, she needs nine retro wedding dresses.

Anyway, fancy dress aside she’s not going to get a lot of use out of these leg o’ mutton sleeved beauties so they’re destined to be recut into  more … wearable … designs. (Personally I hope she keeps the plastic beaded fringing, it’s fantastic!). But before the dismantling begins I got to model them for some lovely ‘before’ photos.

Here’s a selection of my personal favourites for your 1980’s fashion enjoyment.

retro 1980's wedding dress | Velvet Decollete

This top one’s part Disney princess, part evil queen. Look at those sleeves. The one below made me feel like a frilly sea cucumber and is my absolute favourite of the lot!

retro 1980's wedding dress | Velvet Decollete

retro 1980's wedding dress | Velvet Decollete

The lace neckline, those sheer sleeves, if this dress had fit I may have tried to steal it. Sadly it’s being held in with about 20 pins in the back! It reminds me of the Swan Princess animated movie.

retro 1980's wedding dress | Velvet Decollete

And lastly who doesn’t want to loll around in a bed full of wedding dresses?

Huge thanks to Lavonne at Tock Tick Vintage for letting us shoot in your adorable B&B (that’s right ladies, you can stay the night there!) and Clementine for asking me to play dress ups. You know I love it.

Clemetine will be sharing the rest of the dresses we photographed as she redesigns them. Make sure you like her facebook page to see them!

Model, HMUA | Velvet DeCollete
Photos | Clementine
Host, assistant, furniture mover and beautiful person | La Vonne


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