RiK Photoshoot: Part One (Warning – Nudity!)

Of all the photographers wanting to borrow designs for photoshoots, Richard Leonard is one I am always happy to oblige! He shot one of the very first sets for Cog & Compass ( and myself as a model ), and is so easy to work with.

His latest shoot featuring my couture work explores the connection between fashion and the female form – making a more direct link between skin and adornment. The theme starts with artistic nude shots and flows into an edgy fashion style. These first photos are my pick of the nude shots – I love the sense of vulnerability and softness.

fashion nude 1
fashion nude 2
fashion nude 3

fashion nude 4

Photographer: RiK // Model: Rose // Accessories: Cog and Compass by Beckon Couture.


When asked what his vision for the photoset was RiK replied;
“I have been shooting art nudes for quite a number of years & although I will continue to do so, I wanted to start to create some images that expanded my view of the human form, joining forces with other creative minds… Designers create clothes & accessories to flatter & show off the body, so I want to create images that illustrate a direct connection. “

Collaborating with designers and stylists, he’s creating works that expose more flesh than your run-of-the-mill fashion photos, showing the human form as both clothes-horse and muse.

I’m still making my way through the more… attired… part of the shoot, photos to come in the next few days!


Very cool idea. Great shots. 😉

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