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My skin has always been hyper sensitive. It’s red, itchy, and throws up a variety of dermatitis and excema conditions. Doctors have struggled to identify or effectively treat any of them. One of them was described as ‘mystery psoriasis’, no joke. If I wear makeup for two consecutive days my skin starts flaking off in chunks.

I develop sensitivities to products over time, meaning that I have to change my skincare regime around every 8-12 months. I’ve been through a lot of products! My last love was Steam Cream, but that’s vanished from New Zealand stockists.

SO, here’s an honest, unsponsored review of my latest skincare find – Glow Lab!


Why I’m Trying Glow Lab

I’m meandering around the supermarket, pondering the meaning of life and whether four packs of Tim Tams is enough, when a white box catches my eye on the skincare shelf. It’s a pack of mini products.

As a member of the super sensitive skin society, mini sized skincare gets me excited. I know ‘travel minis’ are for travelling, but they’re also perfect for trialing new products.

My Tim Tams instantly forgotten, I cross my fingers and pray that the contents aren’t patchouli scented.
They aren’t, so the box goes in my trolley.



Initial excitement over mini sized products aside, here’s why I’m giving Glow Lab a go;

My budget is tight. It doesn’t stretch to expensive skincare, or throwing out full bottles of product because I had a reaction. If I can get sample sizes of a brand, that’s going to be the first brand I try. (Can all brands make travel mini’s please?)

Aaaaand the packaging is pretty. I’m a designer okay? I like nice packaging, and Glow Lab’s white and gold branding got me. It also gets the facts across pretty quickly.

Glow Lab products are |

  • Cruelty free
  • Made in New Zealand
  • PH Balanced
  • Vitamin enriched
  • Free of sulphites, parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic dyes, mineral oil and cocamide dea.
    I admit I have no idea what that last one is.

My Honest Glow Lab Skincare Review


The “Treat Yourself” mini pack I bought contained:

  •  Creme Cleanser
  • Facial Serum
  • Facial Moisturiser
  • Night Cream
  • Body Lotion

When you have allergies, plant based products can be just as dangerous as products full of chemicals. I was nervous that Glow Lab products would be heavily scented (nope), or coloured (also a nope). All the products were very lightly scented, and none of them made me sneeze.

Hallelujah, none of the Glow Lab products made my skin angry.

Since finishing my mini products, which lasted about three weeks, I’ve bought the full size night cream, body lotion, facial moisturiser and serum. I swapped the creme cleanser out for the exfoliating cleanser, because exfoliates help keep my flaky skin in check. This one uses seeds instead of nasty plastic beads for guilt free exfoliation!

The night cream is my favourite product in the range. With a whipped, moussey texture it feels velvety soft and kinda fancy, probably because I’ve never had a specific night cream. Please keep the wrinkles away night cream. Please.

The body lotion has similarly thick consistency, which I love, but it caused issues with the full size pump bottle.
After pumping the top for about 5 minutes, taking the pump off, putting it back on and leaving it for a day I finally got the product to come out! It also has a delicious gentle fragrance – Sweet almond oil? Macadamia? Evening primrose? If anyone from Glow Lab reads this please tell me what the yummy smell is!

A month later my skin is feeling soft and less irritated. I still have sensitive skin and redness around my nose, mouth and eyes most days, but it’s noticeably less inflamed.  I’m excited to see what another month of use will do. My skin’s definitely peeling off less too, even when I wear makeup. Yay!

Sensitive Skincare That’s Eco Friendly!

Unpacking the mini kit, the first thing I noticed was that the expected plastic insert… wasn’t there.


Instead of being displayed in a plastic tray, the skincare tubes and tubs were nestled inside a fabric bag. Nice!  Even nicer, while studying the ingredients lists I noticed all the mini and full sized containers are recyclable. Good on ya Glow Lab.

I’m sure I’m not alone in trying to cut down my consumption of single use plastics, so I like knowing I can recycle my skincare containers once they’re empty.

The Final Sensitive Skin Verdict On Glow Lab

I’m a fan!

Products suitable for sensitive skin don’t often feel luxurious. They have names like ‘fatty cream’ and come in plain white plastic tubs. They smell clinical, have unpleasant textures, or are terrifyingly expensive. Don’t even get me started on ‘natural’ skincare packed so full of perfumes my eyes water just opening it. But Glow Lab hits the sweet spot between price point, gentle products and being eco-conscious, while still letting you feel like you’re treating yourself.

Plus, if the only downside I’ve found is that the lotion’s a bit thick for the pump bottle, they’ve done well.

Needless to say I hope my skin lets me use this range for at least a year before it packs a sad!



* One last reminder that I wasn’t paid, sponsored or given free products to write this review. I know how hard it can be to find affordable, effective skincare for allergy prone skin, so when I find a good ‘un I spread the word!*

If you’ve found a fantastic sensitive skincare product at regular gal price, please let me know! Leave me a comment below, or message me on Facebook or Instagram with your recommendations.

With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete







I would love to hear your say on black tab labels (basically all chemical) which glow lab is and how that works with sensitive skin?


I’ve never heard of black tab labels and a google search didn’t have any relevant results? From a scientific point of view everything is made from chemicals.
Glow Lab seems to be a mix of direct plant extracts and oils (rosehip oil, essential oils, Macadamia oil etc) and ingredients to preserve and adjust PH like Sodium and acids. It works well for my sensitive skin.
I have to be careful with a lot of plant based brands as I have severe skin contact allergies to certain plants and scents.

I am a huge fan of glo lab I tried a small bag of the products first , then every week I have added to my collection ( shampoo conditioner and mask came last ) my only criticism would be the facial serum could be in a larger container and I have to remove pump to wash hair as won’t come through the system . Will not stop my purchase though just love keep up the good work glo lab 😊


I have’t tried the shampoo or conditioner yet! I had the same pump issue with the body lotion, I think it’s just too think for the tube?

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