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If there’s one thing Froger and I do well, it’s high drama fetish pinup. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because his new assistant Kyrissa nailed our edgy style perfectly! But before we get into the details of this shoot, I need to tell you something  personal…

I was a hypocrite when these photos were taken.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I felt unattractive because I’d been unwell, gained weight and lost confidence in my body’s strength.⠀My inner demons whispered that my softer-than-usual figure wouldn’t photograph well. BUT I put on my confident face, gave myself a pep talk and got on with doing what I love – creating art and stories in front of the camera.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I realized I was being a hypocrite. I was seeing change as a flaw in my body, when I see it as natural and adore it in others. Why wasn’t I applying that same love I have for others to myself?

Seeing these final photos gave me that love. I absolutely adore them. They made me appreciate that my body can surprise me. That my curves can rise and fall like the tides and be beautiful either way.

The moral of the story? What our inner demons tell us isn’t true. Don’t let them hold you back.


Photoshoot & Style Concept

You’ve probably noticed that everyday is Halloween for me, so when it’s ACTUALLY Halloween things get extra kooky. In honour of the spooky season this shoot was inspired by spiders, awkward angles, Bettie Page, Helmut Newton and fetish elements! I wanted to capture a dramatic, unashamedly sensual side of my pinup style.

Heavily inspired by the arachnid world, my outfit plays on the contrast between the toughness of a spider and the delicacy of its web. Sculptured leather and glossy satin highlight the softness of flesh, mesh and nylon. Ballet stilettos, opera gloves and strappy lingerie bring to mind the long, articulated shapes of spidery legs.

In true ‘anything for the art’ pinup model fashion, I borrowed the ballet heels from Mike’s kit, even though they were three sizes too big for my tiny feet. I’m OBSESSED with them, once my 2019 Vegas trip is paid off I’ll be saving up for my own pair.  Creating poses that explore the visual beauty but physical discomfort that’s part and parcel of fetish fashion was key , and the fact I couldn’t put my weight on the too-big shoes forced me to pose in ways that didn’t involve standing.


Outfit Details

Spiderweb Bra + Knickers | Bras n Things ( Previous collection, no longer available)
Eight Strap Garter Belt | Shirley of Hollywood, altered by me
Leather Belt | Alannah Hill
Satin Opera Gloves | Vintage
Crystal Spider Hairpins | Custom made by me, similar items available in my Etsy store or by custom order.
Stockings | Voodoo Hosiery
Shoes | Photographer’s own


Hair & Makeup

Hair and makeup can make or break the cohesiveness of a look. For this high contrast look I applied a white eyeshadow with an aubergine cut crease (purples often look darker than black eyeshadow when converted to black and white) and winged eyeliner. Paired with defined and elongated brows a cut crease makes small hooded eyes look larger.

I kept contouring very minimal for a more authentically vintage look, finishing the makeup with a small beauty mark under my right eye.

For hyper-feminine vintage hair I wore a long clip in ponytail with my signature bumper bangs. Thank the gods these are black and white photographs because my hair darkened so much over winter that my ponytail doesn’t match well anymore!



Photography |Shot Kyrissa Kolisnyk, edited by Mike Froger.
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With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete


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Spider girl Halloween pinup Velvet DeCollete

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