12 Days of Vintage Christmas | Stocking Seams and Santa

On the eighth day of Christmas

Mojud provided stockings with Magic-Motion and spring back knit! We all love stockings, but with that tree apparently being a bit grabby, I wouldn’t want my new back seams anywhere near it!
She seems blissfully unaware that pervy santa can see straight up her skirt… which is odd, considering she’s reaching past it to grab her presents. Maybe it was all part of her cunning plan to get two?


Hey Santa, stop being a perv. It’s weird enough that you’re breaking into people’s houses as it is.
Not that I’d say no to a couple of pairs of stockings, I like Pretty Polly’s, how about you?

With style and sass,

                   Velvet DeCollete

Hey! If this wasn’t enough festive cheer for you, there’s a link to all 12 days on this post.

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