The Inaugural Easter Bonnet – Along 2018!

The Inaugural Easter Bonnet – Along 2018!

Welcome to the inaugural annual Easter Bonnet-Along!

What’s better than hats?
Really fancy hats.
Really fancy hats paired with friends and Easter treats!

What’s This Easter Bonnet – Along Then?

An Easter Bonnet-Along ( according to me ) is where we all decorate fancy Easter hats so we can feel like Judy Garland in Easter Parade. Sounds great, right!?

Here’s How It Works

  1. Enjoy some fabulous vintage Easter inspiration on the special Pinterest Board I created just for you.
  2. Join the Inaugural Easter Bonnet-Along Facebook group so you can share your inspiration and hat decorating progress.
  3. Sew, build or decorate your themed Easter bonnet however you like!
  4. Post a photo of you looking fancy AF in your bonnet by Easter Sunday ( April 1st 2018)

Optional step 5: Arrange an Easter weekend meet-up with your fellow Bonnet-Alongers so you can admire each other’s handiwork!


Welcome to Velvet DeCollete's inaugural Easter Bonnet Along 2018!


Why Make An Easter Bonnet?

The tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter goes back at least as far as the 16th century, possibly as a result of Christianity adopting Pagan celebrations where the new life and bounty of spring represented the renewal of the year. Wearing new clothes for Easter was thought to bring good luck. By the end of the Great Depression new clothes weren’t affordable for many, so existing hats and clothes were retrimmed. Irving Berlin cemented the modern Easter bonnet in popular culture by celebrating the New York Easter parade in his 1948 film.

Religious beliefs aside, Easter Bonnets can be creations of pure joy. Just check out the incredible creations of the NYC Easter parade; see any sad faces? Nope. Personally I just love anything themed, and who doesn’t want a bouquet on their head as the Autumn months start to loom?

I hope this Bonnet-Along will give people some crafting inspiration and an incentive to catch up with friends and maybe meet some new ones!


I’m so excited to get creative and decorate my own hat while you make yours! While you get a-thinkin about your glorious future headwear, I’ll leave you with the dulcet tones of Bing Crosby. *sigh*
Just look at all those fancy hats.

With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete

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A Mad Hatter’s Wedding

A Mad Hatter’s Wedding

Sometimes as a designer you get to work with people who light up a room. People who have effervescent personalities just bubbling over – Stacey, one of my brides this season, is one of those people!

As a bridal stylist I had the honour of helping select her gown and wedding jacket, an adorable ’50’s number for her Mad Hatter’s garden party wedding. As the details of the big day came together it sounded like so much fun – so I was thrilled when she commissioned me to make her bridal headpiece!

Stacey already had a fantastic pair of teal green shoes laced with velvet ribbons. A tiny snip and I had a velvet colour sample to work from. Stacey left Auckland, trusting me with the design of her hat. Not too big, not too small, sophisticated but still fun – it had to be just right.

Using traditional millinery techniques I crafted vibrant teal taffeta into a miniature top hat, embellished with a billowy peacock blue organza bow and fluttering peacock plumes for movement. A brooch belonging to Stacey’s grandmother would be delivered later, a final, sentimental touch.

Stacey's teal mad hatters mini top hat
Mad Hatters garden party wedding

Stacey wearing her Beckon Couture miniature bridal hat
The new standard dinosaur wedding photo!
Venue | Markovina Vineyard Estate
Stacey’s hat | Beckon Couture
1950’s style lace dress | Maggie Sottero


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