Monochrome Minxes

Monochrome Minxes

Hellooooo darlings!

Firstly, apologies for the break in blogging.
I’ve been going through a very busy and stressful time for the last few months and needed to take a step back to avoid burning myself out.

Secondly, I’m baaaaaack!
While I’d originally planned to have these posts out before Halloween, it just didn’t happen. But I know that everyday is Halloween for ya’ll as well, and better late than never right!?

So let’s get back into some fun, spooky, retro style…

The Concept

We shot this set with Froger on the same day as my Spider Girl set. It was the first time I’d modeled alongside Rose Halfpenny, so we basically just winged it!

Rose is very much a stunning modern model – tall, incredibly slim and catwalk ready – while I’m petite, curvier and have a very vintage aesthetic. So this should could have looked kinda disjointed.  We created a cohesive look that combined our personal styles using monochrome outfits, combining modern and vintage influences, and shooting in black and white.

I styled a look focused on creating interest with layers and textures.  Vintage and fetish inspired modern pieces married sheer fabrics with leather and patent finishes, topped with my bespoke zebra stripe (faux) fur and muff. I really wanted to embody a juxtaposition of demureness, sexuality and outlandishness a la John Willie and Ryan Heshka.
Rose wore reproduction 1950’s lingerie paired with a gritty modern jacket and boots.


My Outfit Details

Beaded Spider Hair Pins | Velvet DeCollete ( That’s me! I make this pins to order)
Faux Fur Shrug and Muff | Fluff Club by Velvet Decollete – Custom Design
Gloves | Vintage
Sheer Blouse | Thrifted
Sheer Wiggle Skirt + Zebra Shoes | Preloved
Stockings | Voodoo Hosiery
Lingerie | Bras N Things


All photos by the excellent Froger Photography.

With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete

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Halloween in Technicolor | Spooky Style for Colour Lovers

I know it’s not October yet, but I can’t wait any longer. I need to pack as much Halloween as I can in before the Christmas decorations roll out!

Last week we coveted spider web style, this week it’s all about Halloween ready clothes in GLORIOUS TECHNICOLOR. That’s right, I’m talking spooky stuff that isn’t black! Reveling in graveyard ghoulishness doesn’t require dressing for a funeral and the afterlife has never looked so bright!

I’ve tried to showcase a mix of colourful Halloween fashion with clothes and accessories to suit all budgets, from big brands and of course my beloved small businesses. Please buy ethically this Halloween. It’s easy to buy cheap holiday themed items and throw them out afterwards, but please consider buying lovable pieces you’ll wear all year ’round!

Now grab a witches brew and scroll down for some Halloween fashion inspiration that’s downright cheerful.

Halloween ready clothes in ghoulishly bright colours1. Adorable twinning jack ‘o’ lantern jumpers | Hello Fashion      2. Frankenstein Manicure | Pinterest
3. Monster Mask skirt + Chartreuse Powder Puff top | Vixen by Micheline Pitt 
4. Rainbow Glitter Planchett necklace | CultBlack     5. You’re Batty makeup bag | Pins and Needles
6. Zombie colour block Shoulder bag | Oasap

Vivid greens, purples and oranges scream Halloween to me. As contrasting colours they pop when worn together, and pair well with neutral black or white. While the Vixen Ben Cooper skirt and chartreuse blouse is my absolute dream, it’s waaaaaay out of my budget. I’ll be
giving my witchy blacks a dose of colour with cheap and cheerful striped tights, monster themed manicures and cute accessories!
( If you’ve got dough to spend you should totally get it though, even if it makes me Bad Jelly the Witch. Get it? Cos I’ll be jelly as! )

Halloween ready clothes in terrifying colour!


1.Dripping Sky dress | Holley Tea Time      2. Maleficent manicure | Definitely Meg    3. Bat Cat brooch | Erstwilder
4. purple skull purse | Griffin Leather    5. Pastel Goth Bat Brooch | Tinsel Trinkets

Brooches and shoes are versatile Halloween fashion options. You can add them to almost any outfit, they’re “conversation starters” and in my humble opinion are wearable all year round without looking over the top… If you’re worried about that kinda thing.
Personally I like looking competitively overdressed, but that’s just me.
While I’ve heard Pin Up Girl clothing has dubious quality these days, I had to include the Gloria dress because I love green and the monster print. I adore some of their new Everyday is Halloween collection but I’m worried about spending so much on clothes that might fall apart! Has anyone bought some of the range yet?

colourful Halloween fashion inspiration to brighten up your tomb

1. Stitched Halloween manicure | Pinterest     2. Spooktacular cowboy boots | Rocketbuster Handmade Boots
3. Famous Monsters Gloria dress | Pinup Girl Clothing    4. Novelty spiderweb wool 1940’s dress | Vintage from Dorothea’s Closet
5. Striped tights and ballet flats | Tieks

With so many bright and bold Halloween -able clothes available, I couldn’t include them all! Pop over to my This is Halloween Pinterest board for more horror themed, monster printed, spooky, kooky style. Have a favourite source of Halloween goodness? Leave me a comment below or show me your kitschy killer style on Instagram or Facebook.

With Style and Sass,

Velvet DeCollete

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Flamingo Follies | A Razzle Dazzlers Burlesque Duet

Flamingo Follies | A Razzle Dazzlers Burlesque Duet

We’re flamingos!

I had so much fun teaming up with my girl Clementine for this hilarious tropical duet at The Blue Moon Ball. The fantastic thing about working with your close friends is that choreography comes easy (along with laughs, dorky expressions and an artery clogging dose of cheesiness!). We named ourselves The Razzle Dazzlers as an homage to the sequin encrusted vaudeville shows of old.

Taking flight to a mix of Sway by the Puppini Sisters and Merengue from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack – possibly my favourite album ever just by the way – this act was all about shimmy fringe, sequins and synchronised showgirl moves. Oh and cute facials, can’t forget the cute facials!

Here’s a selection of my favourite action shots from Showtime Photography, Peter Jennings and Nicolas Plaire. Take a stroll over to Clementine or I’s facebook pages if you’d like to see more, we’d love to see you!

peter jennings The Razzle Dazzlers flamingo follies

Peter Jennings | The Razzle Dazzlers Flamingo Follies

Flamingo Costumes

We designed these costumes to be utter 1950’s / 1060’s kitsch. With one wing each, we can create one whole flamingo, or two iconic flamingo profiles. With all our shimmy shakin’ we also needed a rodeo worth of fringe to show off all that movement!

Our bras and torso fringing connect to the knickers so they stay night and taut while we’re moving, but can be removed with the flick of a wrist.

Peter jennings | The Razzle Dazzlers Flamingo Follies

Costumes | Clementine & Velvet Decollete

With Style and Sass,

   Velvet DeCollete

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