The Vintage Textiles Fair (or ‘How to Test Your Willpower’)

Visited a gorgeous vintage textiles fair today! A plethora of fabrics, fashion and miscellany to make any second hand store trawler weak at the knees.

I must say I was the epitome of restraint, leaving with only a few bags of metal stampings and a top secret purchase (Christmas gift) for my Mother. My companions Annie and Natalie were similarly well behaved, although we were all sorely tempted by the lush vintage vanity sets and 1950’s headgear!

Vintage Textiles Fair Retro Hats Fur Coats and Collars Vintage brown ladies Shoes 1950s leaf green hatIt’s a good thing I look silly in hats, or the leaf green 1950s number would be mine. That green is my colour, and it’s so very hard to find!

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