The Devel Branded Pinup Shorts

Summer is arriving in the southern hemisphere, and it’s bringing BOOTY SHORT WEATHER!

Winter really isn’t my jam and I’m excited to swap my jeans and jumpers for short shorts and crop tops. In fact, I might swap some of my hard earned cash for the most perfect pair of bootie shorts I’ve ever tried on.

The Devel Branded Pinup Shorts

The Pinup Shorts from Devel Branded are vintage inspired,  high waisted and hard working. But that’s not even the best part. Danielle of Devel designed these shorts to give you the perfect, peachy, heart shaped butt! My derriere has never looked perkier than it does in these shorts.

Now if you’ve read my Vivien of Holloway Swing Trouser review, you’ll know I despise bulky front zips. The Pinup Shorts sport a discreet invisible zip in the back, leaving the front nice and smooooooth. Shaped by front and back darts the shorts taper into a flat waistband, while a cuffed hem accentuates the shape of your cutie patootie.

Oh, and they have a back patch pocket that’s big enough to hold my phone!

Sewn in practical dark indigo denim, these are the kind of shorts that survive a week of camping without looking any worse for wear.
At $159 NZD they’re more expensive I’d usually spend on summer denim, but are around the same price as Pinup Girl Clothing or Vivien of Holloway shorts once you take into account the exchange rate and shipping. ( Plus they’re made to measure so you know they’re going to fit!)

So while the Pinup Shorts will set you back the same amount of dough as three pairs of Glassons cut-offs, there’s a few thing you need to keep in mind…

  1. These will outlast cheap one season shorts, meaning you’ll never need to buy those three pairs. I’ve had a pair of denim shorts literally tear from the pocket edge to the waistband after a couple of wears, not exactly a great investment.
  2. They’re ethically made and support a local small business. ( So your cash isn’t supporting sweat shops, child labour or environmentally dodgy practices.) This is important to me because I’m making an effort to shop more consciously by supporting brands that share my values.
  3. Did I mention they’re made to measure? IE. will fit your curves like a glove, no pulling, squishing or baggy waistbands here!

Just look at that tushy!

Outfit Details

Pinup Shorts | Devel Branded
Rosie Shirt | Devel Branded
Shoes | Doc Martens
Bandanna | Discount Store

With Style & Sass,

     Velvet DeCollete




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