Kitschy Flamingo Burlesque duet by the Razzle Dazzlers, Velvet DeCollete and Clementine!

Flamingo Follies | A Razzle Dazzlers Burlesque Duet

We’re flamingos!

I had so much fun teaming up with my girl Clementine for this hilarious tropical duet at The Blue Moon Ball. The fantastic thing about working with your close friends is that choreography comes easy (along with laughs, dorky expressions and an artery clogging dose of cheesiness!). We named ourselves The Razzle Dazzlers as an homage to the sequin encrusted vaudeville shows of old.

Taking flight to a mix of Sway by the Puppini Sisters and Merengue from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack – possibly my favourite album ever just by the way – this act was all about shimmy fringe, sequins and synchronised showgirl moves. Oh and cute facials, can’t forget the cute facials!

Here’s a selection of my favourite action shots from Showtime Photography, Peter Jennings and Nicolas Plaire. Take a stroll over to Clementine or I’s facebook pages if you’d like to see more, we’d love to see you!

peter jennings The Razzle Dazzlers flamingo follies

Peter Jennings | The Razzle Dazzlers Flamingo Follies

Flamingo Costumes

We designed these costumes to be utter 1950’s / 1060’s kitsch. With one wing each, we can create one whole flamingo, or two iconic flamingo profiles. With all our shimmy shakin’ we also needed a rodeo worth of fringe to show off all that movement!

Our bras and torso fringing connect to the knickers so they stay night and taut while we’re moving, but can be removed with the flick of a wrist.

Peter jennings | The Razzle Dazzlers Flamingo Follies

Costumes | Clementine & Velvet Decollete

With Style and Sass,

   Velvet DeCollete

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