Lilac Romantic | A Burlesque Costume

Lilac Romantic –  that’s what I call this costume in my head. It’s kinda classically feminine yet sexy. It’s also kinda almost finished. (Update, since I wrote this post, it’s now finished! Some parts have changed, it’s encrusted with rhinestones and on tour in the USA!).edit 3

This soft lilac, mottled purple and black 5 piece burlesque costume consists of a boudoir robe, corset, panel skirt, bra and G string. It needs fittings and some adjustments to make it perfect, and a half ton of rhinestones need applying by it’s new owner. However I’ve been worked my butt off non stop to have the main parts done by an early deadline so it deserves to be seen!

I’m so excited to finish this and see it adorning MisRed Delicious as she struts (…grinds/shimmies/twerks..) her stuff!
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