Novelty Gumboot Review (Plus my top picks for Spring)

novelty gumboots for spring | Velvet DeCollete

Rainy weather really gets me down. The roiling grey sky, the mud, the darkness; it’s just not my thing. Choosing cute gumboots over a purely utilitarian style helps brighten the days and get me through til summer. Since the demise of my beloved leopard print wellies I’ve been looking and I’ve finally found a replacement! Echo and I headed over to Victoria Battery to try them out.

Before we go any further I just want to say That I’m not paid, endorsed or sponsored in this review. I just get super excited about shoes and want to share my joy!

I found these gumboots at The Warehouse. They’re a size 5 wide. ( Which is perfect because while small, my feet have spread from going barefoot every summer!)  The navy blue creates a nice background for the fabulously bright shabby chic-ish floral print and the construction seems nice and solid. Echo had a nibble on the top of one but didn’t manage to do any damage. For $29 I honestly don’t think you could do better.

novelty gumboots for spring | Velvet DeColletenovelty gumboots for spring | Velvet DeColletenovelty gumboots for spring | Velvet DeColleteThe battery is the old ruin of a historic ore processing plant. It’s currently flooded after fourteen straight days of rain and Echo is LOVING it. Having her own private lake kinda makes up for us moving away from the beach – at least for now.

novelty gumboots for spring | Velvet DeCollete

There’s no good reason for boring footwear, so here’s a few of my favourite printed gumboots to inspire you! Priced between $30 and $90 (and with mine now on sale at The Warehouse online for $12.98!) there’s a wellie for every budget.

watermelon-print-gumboots | Velvet Decolleteleopard-print-gumboots | Velvet DeCollete

pug-printed-gumboots | Velvet DeColletetropical-print-gumboots | Velvet Decollete



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