Start Your Engines | A Bad Girl Photo shoot

Start Your Engines | A Bad Girl Photo shoot

Bad girls have more fun. Especially with big shiny Cadillacs and skintight powermesh skirts.

This set was shot outside an imposing vintage venue, next to a busy dog walking park. That’s right, wholesome citizens innocently walking their dogs saw a lot more than they expected. But that’s kind of what we do right?

Stylewise this shoot is a mix of classic pin up and fetish inspired fashion. I wanted the silhouette of an 1950’s or early 60’s wiggle dress, but with the brazen sexiness of a retro grindhouse heroine. Layering garments of varying opacity and texture a game of skin hide and seek for the viewer.

My Photoshoot tip | Contrasting garments with different finishes and opacity helps the camera capture detail when photographing an all black outfit. Meaning you won’t turn into a big dark blob!

Scroll down for a full outfit breakdown.

Wardrobe and photography style can create give the same location a whole new mood. Check out my Cadillac Dreams post to see the set we shot just before this one – same location but a totally different vibe!


Start your engines! Velvet DeCollete mixes classic pinup with sexy grindhouse style in this bad girl photoshoot featuring a sleek and sexy Cadillac.

Alternative pinup bad girl Velvet DeCollete poses in skintight black mesh against a pastel Cadillac car

Good girl gone bad alt pinup model Velvet DeCollete poses in mesh and leather with her puppy

Outfit Breakdown

Black Satin Bra | Pleasure State
Lace and Mesh Bodysuit | Stella McCartney
Mesh Skirt | Retro Lip Service
Leather Belt | Alannah Hill
Gloves and necklace | Vintage
Sunglasses and Earrings | Tock Tick Vintage
Hosiery | Pretty Polly Vintage Top Nylons
Shoes | Borrowed from my Mother’s collection
Bracelet | Gift


A beehive hairstyle and cateye glasses are all you need for retro bad girl style. Black and white sexy pinup photo

Good girl gone bad, or just plan bad? Velvet DeCollete is the perfect mix of vintage pin up and fetish inspired sex appeal in this black and white pinup photo

Good girl gone bad, or just plan bad? Velvet DeCollete is the perfect mix of vintage pin up and fetish inspired sex appeal in this black and white pinup photo

Shoot Details

Photographer | Froger
Shoot Assistant | LaVonne from Tock Tick Vintage
Model | Velvet DeCollete (moi)
Puppy Wrangler | My Ever Patient Husband


The upside of shooting near a dog park? Our then-puppy Echo got to ride along. Look how liddle she was!

We adopted Echo from an animal rescue shelter after falling in love at first sight ( After I was adamant we’d look at lots of dogs haha). It’s lovely to have photos before she grew up all big and serious looking, I can’t believe she was ever this tiny.

With Style & Sass,

Velvet DeCollete



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Reading in Lingerie | Miss DeCollete Learns Deportment

Reading in Lingerie | Miss DeCollete Learns Deportment

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the latest installment of my Reading in Lingerie series. This week Miss DeCollete learns deportment, gets distracted by Mills & Boon and discovers the fine art of undressing!

I adore the fresh, innocent vibe of my latest collaboration with Froger, and I’m excited to share a few of my favourite images! We were inspired by the vintage romance novels found in a rural bach.  The kind of flowery romance novels that fill the heads of good girls with dreams of rugged men on the Scottish Moors. The kind of story that distracts a demure 1950’s lass from her deportment guide.

This delightful set of pinup photographs is available in full as a titillating e-book from Froger Photo.

Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 Velvet DeCollete reading romance novels
” Reginald unsheathed his…. oh!…. how scandalous!”

Outfit Details

1950s style bra and roll on girdle | House of Satin
Knickers | Pleasure State Lingerie
Knit top | Review Australia
Skirt | Boohoo
Patent High heels | Thrifted
Fully fashioned nylon stockings | Photographers kit

Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 Velvet DeCollete wears white lace vintage lingerie and learns the art of undressing
Undressing is an art, especially if one draws pose inspiration from romance novel covers.

Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 Velvet DeCollete balances books on her head

Proper posture is so much easier without those pesky restrictive clothes!

Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 Velvet DeCollete wears white lace vintage lingerie and sits surrounded by books

What can I say? I like big words and I cannot lie…

If you’re into pinups with books and lingerie, you love my previous Reading in Lingerie Posts!

The Nympho and Other Maniacs
1920's Parisian inspired pinup reading on the stairs in stockings and a beret
New Problems in Medical Ethics
Pinup girl Velvet DeCollete makes a statement, tearing pages from a vintage medical journal with outdated views on women's rights and feminism. Clad in black and gold lingerie and black thigh high stockings and armed with books and knowledge this modern pinup is not to be messed with.

With Style & Sass,

                  Velvet DeCollete

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The Classics Museum Calendar | Behind the Scenes

Classic cars, classic dames and classic film noir vibes; the 2017 Classics Museum Calendar is the most glamorous way to organise your year. I’m so chuffed to be featured in it ( Check out March!) so I’m taking you behind the scenes of the massive undertaking that is shooting twelve months worth of moody noir goodness.

There’s a hard working team behind the calendar. Photographer Tiffany Curtis, Glory Days Magazine, The Beauty School Dropouts , Tony McKay Commercial, Debonair Do’s , Honey L’Amour  and of course the models and the team at the Classics Museum and Jukebox Diner. It takes a lot of hands and six days to get fifteen models through hair and makeup, wardrobe and finally in front of the camera! Tony made these beautiful videos to give you an idea of what goes on behind the photos…

The day starts early with hair and makeup (contrary to popular belief we don’t wake up looking that glam!). Inspired by noir film The Dark Mirror Debonair Do’s and The Beauty School Dropouts gave Lola and I mirror image 1940’s hairstyles and classic vintage makeup. That’s Lady Kittyhawk below applying my false eyelashes while the rollers cool.


Classics Museum Calendar 2017 | Velvet DeCollete

Photo | Tiffany Curtis

Then it was off to Rose from Glory Days for wardrobe. Those adorable retro play-suits are from Vivien of Holloway! Things don’t always fit perfectly but there’s always tips and tricks to make it look great on camera. My belt was a little loose so it’s pinned and bulldog clipped in at the back!

Time for a quick test shot before heading downstairs to the cars.

As a model shooting something like this means early morning travel ( some people came from as far as Christchurch!) and cold locations. The darling Jukebox Diner staff kept us warm with delicious hot chocolates as we snuggled into our coats between makeup and shooting. If you’ve been to the Classics Museum you  can imagine that high ceiling and concrete floor are perfect for displaying cars, and perfect for chilling models haha!


We shot several different poses, some in this gorgeous old car and some next to it, trying to channel the tension and atmosphere of The Dark Mirror. I won’t give away too much, but it’s a thriller about two twins, one of whom acts with evil intent.

One of the things that surprises people is how many people are actually at a photoshoot like this! It certainly puts the pressure on when everyone is staring at you making sure the hair, makeup, lighting and pose are just right. That attention to detail is what makes the end result so excellent.

And that’s a wrap!

A few quick portraits and we’re done. Of course we couldn’t resist a wander around the museum to see the other cars and pose with the old petrol pumps…

I loved working with such a professional and talented team, and I love seeing the stunning cars up on my wall. I just wish my hair could look this good every day haha!

2017 Classics Museum Calendar | Velvet DeCollete

This really is a beautiful calendar, with people from every age and walk of life within it. You can grab your own online or from me directly by commenting below or sending me a message on Facebook. If you’re in the Waikato pop in to the Museum or the Waikino Tavern and pick one up in person!

With style and sass,


PS: Lady Kittyhawk is a brow wizard, just look how sharp and defined they are!

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A Purple Freak with Tan Lines

Okay honesty time: this photoset is oooold, as in November 2015 old. I shared the photos on Facebook but never blogged them because I hated my super obvious tan lines. But ya know what? I’m naturally olive skinned. It’s hard for me to stay this pale, especially in the summer. So here it is – tan-lined legs and all – because I love this purple and black ensemble.

Jaimee B (21)

Jaimee B (29)

Outfit Breakdown

Headress | Velvet DeCollete
Corset | Corset Story
Gloves | Looksharp (embellished by Velvet)
Knickers | Kmart (Embellished by Velvet)
Fishnet Pantyhose | Columbine
Shoes | Pulp Noir

Made for working the merch stall at Burlesquefest 2015 this outfit is all about the purple. The gloves and knickers are embellished with hand stitched fabric hydrangeas and irridescent sequins (hello sewing in front of the TV), while the headdress features large glitter coated roses, leaves and black feather trim with dangling glass beads and tassels. The whole shebang has a ‘gothic showgirl meets fairy’ kind of vibe to it, which I love.

I was working on costume commissions for clients leading up to the event so didn’t have time to make my own corset. I picked this one up on sale from Corset Story. It’s more of a fashion corset and doesn’t pull me in around the waist at all, but that’s fine when you’re working in it for hours!

Public safety warning – sequined knickers will get caught on fishnet tights. Caution is advised when crouching or bending over.

purple showgirl burlesque costumeblack rose headress 1black rose headress 2

I made the headdress in a few hours from supplies I had stashed away, the only thing I had to buy specifically for this was the base ( a plastic visor that I turned upright and covered with fabric ). Hairpieces and headdresses are one of those areas where you can really go crazy with contrasting textures and materials. The bigger the better!

Photos | Zandy J Photography


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The Orchid Dress | A Vintage Inspired Evening Gown

The Orchid Dress | A Vintage Inspired Evening Gown

Orchid Evening Dress | Beckon Couture

I’ve wanted to shoot in the Hamilton Gardens for over a year. The incredible themed areas are my dream location, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to run in with my Orchid dress as we passed by on the weekend.

I made this gown to wear to Dita Von Teese’s Sydney Strip Strip Hooray show. Thrown together in under a week of after-work evenings , it’s not perfect and needs some adjustments. All in all though it did the trick and I felt like a pinup diva!  Charlotte Cake and I were drenched in a post show storm before taking proper photos of our incredibly glam ensembles, giving me the perfect excuse to rope Duke Debonair into playing photographer.

Inspired by the elegant evening fashions of 1950’s Vogue Magazines the Orchid gown features a slim spiral skirt with gathered side and classic sweetheart bodice. Made in my signature olive green with vivid pink lining the gown boasts white and pink orchids to co-ordinate with white accessories. Vintage pink and white diamante costume jewellery ( a beautiful anniversary gift from Duke ) topped the outfit off perfectly.

Orchid Evening Dress | Beckon Couture

I Just adore how this shot in the mediation garden looks like an image from a 1950’s Vogue Magazine.


Orchid Evening Dress | Beckon CoutureOrchid Evening Dress | Beckon Couture

Outfit Breakdown

Dress | Bespoke gown made by me (Beckon Couture)
Gloves | Vintage
Necklace + Earrings | Tock Tick Vintage
Bracelet | Diva
Shoes | Number One Shoe Warehouse
Stockings | Pretty Polly

Hair and makeup by the wonderful Michelle of Debonair Dos, who worked her magic for the Classics Museum Calendar I modelled for just prior to this!

Photos by Duke Debonair

orchid dress6orchid dress8Orchid Evening Dress | Beckon CoutureOrchid Evening Dress | Beckon CoutureDue to our tight schedule we didn’t have time to see the whole garden. I’d love to return sometime with a whole wardrobe and a day put aside just to explore this absolute gem of a place!


            Velvet x


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