The Classics Museum Calendar | Behind the Scenes

Ever wanted to sneak behind the scenes at the Classics Museum photo shoot?

Classic cars, classic dames and classic film noir vibes; the 2017 Classics Museum Calendar is the most glamorous way to organise your year. I’m so chuffed to be featured in it ( Check out March!) so I’m taking you behind the scenes of the massive undertaking that is shooting twelve months worth of moody noir goodness.

There’s a hard working team behind the calendar. Photographer Tiffany Curtis, Glory Days Magazine, The Beauty School Dropouts , Tony McKay Commercial, Debonair Do’s , Honey L’Amour  and of course the models and the team at the Classics Museum and Jukebox Diner. It takes a lot of hands and six days to get fifteen models through hair and makeup, wardrobe and finally in front of the camera! Tony made these beautiful videos to give you an idea of what goes on behind the photos…

The day starts early with hair and makeup (contrary to popular belief we don’t wake up looking that glam!). Inspired by noir film The Dark Mirror Debonair Do’s and The Beauty School Dropouts gave Lola and I mirror image 1940’s hairstyles and classic vintage makeup. That’s Lady Kittyhawk below applying my false eyelashes while the rollers cool.


Classics Museum Calendar 2017 | Velvet DeCollete

Photo | Tiffany Curtis

Then it was off to Rose from Glory Days for wardrobe. Those adorable retro play-suits are from Vivien of Holloway! Things don’t always fit perfectly but there’s always tips and tricks to make it look great on camera. My belt was a little loose so it’s pinned and bulldog clipped in at the back!

Time for a quick test shot before heading downstairs to the cars.

As a model shooting something like this means early morning travel ( some people came from as far as Christchurch!) and cold locations. The darling Jukebox Diner staff kept us warm with delicious hot chocolates as we snuggled into our coats between makeup and shooting. If you’ve been to the Classics Museum you  can imagine that high ceiling and concrete floor are perfect for displaying cars, and perfect for chilling models haha!


We shot several different poses, some in this gorgeous old car and some next to it, trying to channel the tension and atmosphere of The Dark Mirror. I won’t give away too much, but it’s a thriller about two twins, one of whom acts with evil intent.

One of the things that surprises people is how many people are actually at a photoshoot like this! It certainly puts the pressure on when everyone is staring at you making sure the hair, makeup, lighting and pose are just right. That attention to detail is what makes the end result so excellent.

And that’s a wrap!

A few quick portraits and we’re done. Of course we couldn’t resist a wander around the museum to see the other cars and pose with the old petrol pumps…

I loved working with such a professional and talented team, and I love seeing the stunning cars up on my wall. I just wish my hair could look this good every day haha!

2017 Classics Museum Calendar | Velvet DeCollete

This really is a beautiful calendar, with people from every age and walk of life within it. You can grab your own online or from me directly by commenting below or sending me a message on Facebook. If you’re in the Waikato pop in to the Museum or the Waikino Tavern and pick one up in person!

With style and sass,


PS: Lady Kittyhawk is a brow wizard, just look how sharp and defined they are!

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